Vaali (1999) (வாலி) is an Indian Tamil thriller film directed by S. J. Suryah. The film stars Ajith Kumar, Simran, Vivek, Livingston, Jyothika and Balaji. The film’s music is composed by the music director, Deva. The film released in April 1999 and went to become a blockbuster success and a major turning point in Ajith Kumar’s career.Deva (Ajith) and Shiva (Ajith) are the twins. Deva, the elder, is deaf and mute. But he is a genius, an expert at lip-reading and the head of a successful advertising company. Shiva loves and trusts his brother.

Priya (Simran) wants to marry only someone who is an ex-smoker, an ex-drunkard and ditched by a girl but still pining for her. Learning this, Shiva invents an old romance between him and Sona (Jyothika) and finds his way into Priya’s heart.

Deva meanwhile chances upon Priya and becomes obsessed with attaining her. His obsession continues even after his younger brother gets married to the girl of his dreams and he devises various means of getting close to Priya and keeping Shiva and her separated.

Priya realises the not-so-honorable intentions Deva has towards her but Shiva refuses to believe her and has full faith in his brother. He even goes as far as to take Priya to a psychiatrist. To get away from it all, Shiva and Priya go on a long-delayed honeymoon. But Deva shows up there too Shiva watches Deva kissing the photo of Priya and realises Priya was right regarding his brother.Then while Shiva is on a urgent business trip Priya had to take care of Deva . So after Deva knowing this beats Shiva mercilessly. Shiva gets unconscious and Deva packs him in gunny and throws him in a lorry.

Deva disguises himself as Shiva and goes near Priya on not responding Priya comes to know he is Deva not Shiva, however Priya escapes from the chasings of Deva and finally shoots him with her revolver. Deva falls in pool and when Shiva comes she narrates the whole incident to him, Deva tries to come out of pool but Shiva kills him with the very own revolver and finally Deva dies. Deva’s soul talks about his feelings because he is dumb he couldn’t express his feelings. His grave yard with lots of flowers grown on it is shown and with that scene the movie comes to an end.

* The film was the blockbuster of Ajith grossing $6 million at the box office.
* It was later dubbed into Telugu as Vaali and Hindi as Vaalee.
* The songs were massive hits for music director Deva. It, in fact, established a solid platform for him in the Tamil film industry. Notable hits include, Sona Sona and April Maathathil.
* Tamil audience were shocked to see the kind of eroticism shown in the film, which eventually led the film to be a massive blockbuster hit.

Directed by: S.J. Suryah
Written by: S.J. Suryah
Starring: Ajith Kumar, Simran, Vivek, Livingston, Balaji, Jyothika
Music by: Deva
Cinematography : Jeeva
Release date: April 1999