Why-Who-How “Thala” Ajith Kumar is Targetted? Revealing the Secrets

Ajith KumarBefore beginning to read this article, we want to make sure that this is not done in favour of Ajith Kumar, but in favour of truth, the shocking truth that has been doing rounds in the industry for past few days.

It’s been a long time this has been happening. A man’s absence has both positive elements and yes it brings about the negatives as well. Talking behind a person’s absence is something offensive and to put it in a blatant way – A sort of unprofessional, amateurish and foolish activity. This has been happening over the past few years, especially more critical by the past few months where AJITH KUMAR has been constantly been the center of subject for many bloggers, journalists and few more actors to gain their publicity through him.


This never happens to anyone or any actor. Ajith Kumar is the only actor to enjoy this privilege for whenever a hash tag is created in his name on Twitter; it instantly becomes a showstopper of top trending. For other actors, they have to wait either for a first look, teaser or theatrical release or something related to it for getting released for them to trend on top. This has always been envy to many actors and their family, groups, especially for the competitors’ sidekicks in the name of relatives. They have been doing all sort of odd jobs for gaining the status of production. There are some PROs and Journalists too who have been involved in the game of pulling down the market. Just as Thala says, a good film doesn’t need publicity and so one’s good deeds doesn’t need to have publicity.


Especially an uneducated YouTube reviewer who just makes it a point of downing Ajith Kumar because his daughter doesn’t like him… It seems that his daughter loves Vijay for he looks fit like a college boy and Ajith Kumar looks older in age. In fact, he started favoring Vijay movies only with the hopes that other YouTube reviewer was invited by Vijay for lunch, so that he would be offered the same privilege and his daughter dreams of clicking a Selfie with him would come true.

WHAT AN IDEA SIR JI !!! There are so many journalists who strived for freedom of speech and you are doing a fantastic job. Spoiling the image of a man just for the sake that your children need to rub shoulders with another actor, his rivalry. But the funniest part is that these amateur bunch of funny people don’t know that both Vijay and Ajith are so close that they hate the ones offending each other. It has been claimed that Ajith Kumar chases out anyone out of his office room if they speak ill things about the competitor.

Much more than the friendly gesture, Ajith Kumar and Vijay strongly believe that the world’s worst enemy is the one surrounding them with fake praises (JAALRA meaning in Tamil).

One more shocking truth is that an website owned by a family of actors has been involved in this process as well. It is not the actors, but the third level staffs just for the sake of spreading gossips that they might get the favour of actors are doing this. Again the funny part is that they don’t even know that the actors themselves would be laughing at such immature deeds.

Even the negative writing becomes a plus for the opponent, isn’t it?

Ajith Nadigar SangamAre Encouraging Twitter and Facebook talents: A SIN?

This should really send everyone so much shocked. Even if you are a Vijay, Ajith or whatever fan, if you get to know the real reason behind all these groups offending Ajith Kumar, you would do two things: Roll On the Floor Laughing or Bang your Heads over the walls.

Recently, the growth of Twitter and Facebook has taken a great rise. Of course, even the websites that are run professionally in cinema panorama has been getting on top of ranks. But there are few PROs and Controversial journalists, who are against this. It is true that sometimes honesty is overtaken by threatening and corruptions.

During one of the recent PRO meetings, the one supporting Twitter, Facebook and other technological advancements was cornered by the groups that doesn’t even own or know about to open a Twitter and Facebook were dead against him. They even made fun of him saying, “If you start TWITTER. we will start KILLER AND SHOOTER apps.” Something even the school kids don’t prank using such witty lines. When the concerned person involved with Ajith Kumar showcased his support towards the technological advancement, these PROs along with the support of some controversial writers, who have ruined the peaceful lives of many film personalities by spreading fake rumours took their chance. It is worth mentioning that the concerned writer was so cheap that he once linked an upcoming actor with a loveable wife and daughter by creating a gossip of romantic link up with another heroine. It is acceptable that gossips are part and parcel of an actor’s life, but he played a cheap gimmick by revealing their phone numbers on Facebook that he couldn’t reach them.

Being a journalist is always a special bliss to everyone, but when we just look into such persons creating gutter ambience, we are even saddened that by their gruesome nature.


And finally there is one more group doing their rounds in the film industry. These actors are so helpful and genuine that they respect cinema as their own families, but the sidekicks in the name of relatives who all came from rural villages were given a life by them to start their production ventures and one of them is a cinema website. Even when the senior personalities of Nadigar Sangam have supported the gesture of Ajith Kumar not attending the event of STAR CRICKET match, the actors in this family also share a wonderful rapport with them. In fact, their families make sure of meeting often and spend their personal times together. But these funny sidekicks just to seek publicity published a news against Ajith Kumar in respect to his absence for Nadigar Sangam Cricket Match. Although, it didn’t become a major highlight, it shows the malfunctioning order where journalism is misused for the personal gains.

HOPE everyone now knows the real picture of what is happening behind the scenes.. There are lots more that we can break the truth of reality, but again we don’t want to damage the concerned names and personalities.

Forgiveness is the best remedy to all problems. That has been the motto of AJITH KUMAR and we do believe it.

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