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  1. Box office collections of Kollywood movies will never be transparent owing to various politics!
    So people take this unclear situation to their advantage will give watever they like! Our intention here is to bring some facts and throw some light on the BO collections.

    We need to understand the BOX OFFICE ECONOMICS before starting our analysis,
    Producer puts money and take a movie. Either they will sell it to some big production house (Thiru Kumaran Entertainmemt, the producer of Pizza does this often) or they will sell it directly to distributors. Apart from Rajini Sir film..Vijay Ajith Surya & Kamal Sirs film will be sold approximately for following prices as per the past 5 years trend;

    TN Area 30-45 crores
    Rest of India Up to 10 crores
    Overseas Up to 20 Crores
    Satellite Rights Up to 20 crores

    So if a film releases with high expectations with big stars, directors etc.. it will fetch a good price for producer. Eg: Films like Maatran & Thuppaki has done excellent pre-release business. Maatran fetched more than 80 crores in pre release business, Singan 2 & Thuppaki close to 70 crores & Arrambam got around 65 crores. Surya has an edge in this aspect due to his Telugu market, which is next to Superstar. But Ajith n Vijay don’t have this advantage. Ajith films will be always in the lower side due to his mixed BO record and lack of family audience support for his movies. Billa-2 pre-release business was around 45 crores only.

    Now let’s discuss about Arrambam, This movie was sold for 35 crores in TN Distributors. Now they have to release the movie in cinemas, for which they have to pay the rent which would be 30-45% depending on the theatre. Multiplexes fetch maximum rent than single screen theatres. So assuming an average theatre rent of 40%,the movie has to collect around 58 crore just to break even, then only it will become profit for distributors. If a big star movie carries negative reports on first day then it will be curtains for the distributor.

    Ajith sir films always will take bumper opening, with positive word of mouth only sky is the limit. Billa – 2 took an earth shattering opening (more than Thuppaki in terms of gross) but lost its steam from day 2 itself. Hence it struggled to break even, producing loss to distributors. But in case of Arrambam, every body witnessed the opening it got. Any common man can predict that the collections will be much higher than Billa-2 & Thuppaki but reports arrived on the next day saying that it collected 8.75 cr… This was totally absurd..coz the movie with its no of screens released would have easily fetched close to 12 cr.. but nobody cared..main reason told was due to an IT ride the producer was not keen on projecting the BO figures unlike Thuppaki & Singam-2.Opening day collection in TN is definitely crossed 12 cr.. and day 2 close to 9 cr. Due to AAA & Pandiyanadu day3 & 4 put together gave 14 cr. Hence first weekend gross & net (no tax) is 35cr. It went stronger as AAA got poor WOM. Once family audience started liking it the movie has become profitable and will end its lifetime TN gross close to 90cr. Out of this 35 cr will go to theatre rentals, 55cr is the distributor share i.e 20 cr profit for distributors. Thuppaki & Arrambam along with are the only other films grossed close to 90 cr in TN box office. Sivaji grossed 80 cr & Singam 2 close to 70 cr. Endhiran is number 1 by a long distance as it fetched 125+cr in TN box office alone.

    Lets have a look at overseas box office, Arrambam was sold for 10cr approx., as Ajith movies are not as famous as Vj & Surya in overseas. But this time Thala showed his real starpower and the movie raked in the moolah faster. USA & Canada collections touched a whoppping 600,000 USD first time for a non Rajini/Kamal starrer. In UK , which is a territory for masala movies (Vijay is the most successful after Rajini & Kamal) the movie got a record opening but fell slightly short of Singam 2 and Thuppaki. But considering the price it was bought the movie is more profitable than the other two films. In Malaysia which is the second largest market to Tamil movies after TN, the movie is expected to collect close to 11 CR ( equals S2 & Thuppaki). Singapore fetches close to 4 cr. France fetched more 1cr. SL, Aus, Gulf and rest of the World gave around 5cr.. So the movie grossed more than 25cr in overseas BO which is close to 300% of the initial price and a clear blockbuster in overseas. (S2 & Thuppaki due to the higher sold price gave less profit compared to Arrambam).

    Satellite rights for 13 – 15 cr, Kerala BO sold for 2 cr and grossed close to 10 cr, Karnataka grossed close to 5cr. Now hindi remake rights are to be sold for a whopping price. Andhra rights already sold close to 4 cr. Hence the movie HAS ALREADY CROSSED 150+ CR from BO, Satellite rights, Dubbed & Remake business. The budget (including marketing cost) was close to 60 cr.

    Profit for producer close to 22cr, profit for TN distributors close to 20cr, Profit for Overseas & Rest of India distributors close to 20cr. Hindi remake rights if sold for good amount will fetch more profit for producer.

    So profit wise Arrambam is overall no:2 next to Endhiran. Thuppaki eventhough has grossed almost same amount its profil is next to Arrambam only.

    Arrambam Highlights:

    1) Arrambam content & screenplay wise is not as good as Thuppaki but it collected as much as Thuppaki (within a short time) tells that STAR POWER of AJITH is next only to Rajini.

    2) Opening collections of the movie was still the talk among distributors, few of the distributors were speechless after seeing the opening. Not only next to Rajini, it is close to Rajini.

    3) Eventhough the BO figures are not revealed by anyone officially, distributors says that 4 week of Arrambam collections will equals Thuppaki lifetime collections in TN BO

    4) Arrambam is the first non Rajini/Kamal film to gross 25+ cr in overseas BO.

    5) US market distributors, after seeing the speed at which they got their returns and profit from Arrambam, are now preffering Veeram over Jilla.

    We have provided you as much details possible collected from trusted sources. Please follow us on twitter @kollylive and write your comments.

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