1. Srivatsan says

    What to say?Endhe vesham potalum thala gethe thani. He can give the Hollywood actors a run for their Money. Love you thala.

  2. Karthick says

    Thala Rocking!!! One of the most vibrant teasers ever made in Kollywood history! In 25 seconds, the USP for seeing the film has reached more than 100%. Thats what teasers are meant for and this is the real and fitting teaser.. :)

  3. sajith says

    வெற்றி வீரம்!!!!! நம்ம தல சும்மா நடந்து வந்தால் படம் வெற்றிதா

    தல…!!!தல தான்…!!!

  4. uday says

    arambam is a stylish and story content movie,
    its like watching a Hollywood movie which looks perfect in every frame..
    Thanks to director vishnu and his team for giving such grand movie..
    To make it simple – arambam is Rocking and Roaring..

    Buy the way, coming to this veeram teaser,
    just 16 to 32 secs shows arresting screen presence of thala..
    congrats to director siva, the expectation of veeram doubles that of arambam because of this teaser..
    to make it simple – Veeram teaches how to make a teaser.

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