Ajith’s New Bike

This is the latest picture of the BMW S1000 RR Super-bike arriving at Thala 's house yesterday.

This is the latest picture of the BMW S1000 RR Super-bike arriving at Thala ‘s house yesterday.

Celebrities in film industry are well known for their penchant for fancy cars and two-wheelers. Their glamorous quotient has always been associated with the envious set of wheels owned by these superstars.

Thala Ajith’s who is known for his love for bikes has got a new toy. Though he does not race any longer on health grounds, the star has the most impressive collection of speed cars and motorbikes.

One of Ajith’s fan sites has reported that the actor has purchased the latest super bike BMW S1000RR. It is the very latest from BMW and is state-of- art bike.

The red coloured BMW bike was delivered at Ajith’s Valmiki Nagar bungalow near Thiruvanmayur in Chennai. So don’t be surprised if you see Thala take a spin on his new bike on ECR.

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  1. says

    first look is expected by the 3rd week of july solnanga ippo first look varlai title varlai paatu varlai september masatlay padatay release panne

  2. gangrel says

    Why is this always happening to ajith movie. He is the most unluckiest actor in tamil industry. He knows better tat sometimes he is unlucky, so atleast he can change his salt and pepper look right! I agree tat he is a good person and he wants to be realistic, but this is business. Real life is different and reel life is different. For example: we are wearing casuals in our house like tshirts, shorts or lungi. but can we go wearing the same to our office, tat’s bcause its our profession. we have be in tip top form wen v go to office. Why is he not thinking about that. If it is in one or two movies its ok, why salt and peeper in all movies. Look at suriya and vijay’s recent movies..Not only they are in top form, they are in gud shape also. Even he knows that his body is not in a good condition bcause he has gone through lot of operations, atleast he can keep his hair and face good right! I know he is stubborn and never changes his mind; its good to be stubborn in some part of our life, like when making good decisions, but not like this! Now i have a question? Is he really interested in movies! Even he may have got the news that most of our fans didnt like the salt and pepper look, but still he is not changing, is he looking at his dignity! Sorry if i have hurt you fans. he is my favorite hero..tats why i am sending like this. Hope he reads this and understands our feelings.

  3. shankar says

    dei gangrel nee thala fana irundha thala salt & paper look analum epadi nadichalum pathurukanum da enga thalayya pathi inorudhadave bad commentas pana mavane badu savadichuduve avar 4 varshathuku 1 padam kuduthalum naga mass opening dhanda kudupom thaladhanda the real life hero rajini kamal ivangelam kelavananalum hire dai potudhanda olu vitu nadikuranunga ana enga thala real gettaple nadikiraru neee andha palaya thalapathi badu fan nu enaku theriyUM UNA MADHIRI fan enga thalaiku theveye ille so shat u r mouth & get out of thala nadu

    thala is the only next super star


    super bike

    neee adu thalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. gangrel says

    Even in kerala and andhra, suriya and vijay are popular. Do you know that suriya came 5 years after ajith in the tamil industry. But look where he is now in kerala and andhra. And where are you ajith! Do you think that you are going in the right path now! See, you are not unlucky in all part of your life. Sometimes you create bad luck like giving salt and pepper look for your hair. Do you know that once you were so famous for your charmness. Your last movie in which you were very charming was billa1. But now, even you have spoiled that also..So flop movies, losing your charm, then..! What else do you wanna lose! Sometimes you are ‘CREATING’ these kind of situations ajith sir, its not happening automatically. Even you know that you have missed some hot shot director’s movie in the past! and still you are doing like this. And, don’t think lot of big directors will make film with you because of this salt and pepper look. They know very well that u have made a wrong decision, but they will not tell you these since you are a big star.

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