Happy Birthday Kutty Angel Anouksha

Happy Birthday Kutty Angel AnoukshaRemember this day! Perhaps, if you’re an ardent fan of ‘Thala’, you will remember this day. It’s the same day of our ‘Ultimate Star’ Ajith and his wife Shalini were endowed with a beautiful baby girl.

Anoushka was born on January 3, 2008 herein Chennai and today she celebrates her 5th birthday.

Well, for our Ajith Kumar, there isn’t anything that gives happiness than his very own sweet daughter.

“A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future”. This quotation penned by an unknown author goes well with our ‘Thala’ as he believes his daughter Anoushka to be a wonderful gift offered from God.

Let’s convey our heartiest birthday wishes to Anoushka and wish her that she’ll make her parents so proud with her earnest deeds.

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  1. N.M.RameshRaju says

    *THALA* in THAVA PUDHALVI Engal……………Angel CUTE.*ANOUSKA*Avargalukku IDHAYAM Niraindha Pirandha Naal Vaazhthukkal…………Endrum THALA in THAMBI RameshRajuRajapalayam

  2. SHANKR says


  3. Vaishnavi says

    Please excuse me for a long and detail post over here. I am also a great Thala fan. Its a fortune that i was born on the same ear when Ajith entered this Magnum-opus cine world. Being a girl and growing in India one of the major questions needed to answered is that who is ur favourithe actor. In my teenage say 7th or 8th though i liked Ajith i never said before others, coz of the fear of critics but no more now. Coming to the point there is an open statement comes as google drop downlist i.e
    Is Ajith Impotent- as a fan it really hurts me. Ajith had a great passion for racing may he thought a child would have been a disturbance for his passion. Kudos to Shalini for letting him to succeed or pursue racing post marriage. I am a fan who felt bad over the years i mean from 2000-2007 for Ajith not having a kid. My joy knew no bounds when Anoushka was born. I wish i could ask the above question why did you delay child birth to him directly:-)

    • KISHANR says

      This is not the right time to ask such a question, the child is a gift of god, many people in this world have spend long time to get a child, its all the right time which will come to the people. As a matter of fact, now anoushka is ajith sir waris so lets wish her Birthday wishes.. Happy Birthday Sweet gal…

    • Menaka Baskaran says

      Good heavens! You mean Indians still have not gotten over the fact that not every couple wants to have a child within 9 months of marrying? I personally did not come across that insulting question about Ajith that was posted on the net. Most of us here in Malaysia thought that Ajith and Shalini wanted a couple of years together as a couple before being saddled with kids. That’s what many couples do elswhere in the world…Ajith and Shalini barely knew each other for what 3 or 4 months before they got married and knowing how very differently Ajith thinks, maybe he thought it was best they got to know each other really well before they had kids. Besides, Shalini was still very young when she got married — about 21 or 22. And she was also interesed in other things like badminton and maybe was not ready to be a mother yet….
      Ok, now that they have one child, is everyone now asking when are they going to have their second child???? Maybe the couple thinks in overpopulated India, one child is enough?

  4. Vaishnavi says

    Every moment i see Anoushka i remember my late Grandma, she told Ajith will get an angel as baby but she left the world before Anoushka birth. My granny loved Ajith very much.

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