Ajith’s next Starts Next month

Ajith will be starting his Next Project with Siruthai Siva by December.

Ajith’s upcoming movie with Vishnuvardhan is 60 percent complete according to sources and the next schedule of the movie shooting gonna take place in Chennai from November 28th, 2012

Ajith has also planned to start shooting for his next movie with director Siva in Hyderabad from December 10th, 2012.

This means he would be working simultaneously on the Vishnuvardhan and Siva projects from December.

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    • says

      HAPPY THANKS GIVING TO MY DEAR THALA AND MY THALA FANS. Hey guys come on projects from big directors aint matter. Being thala fans we must know our thala will do what his heart says and we should and we will back him up any second. suriya and vijay next superstars cool. BUT THERE WILL BE ONLY ONE ULTIMATE STAR.
      “A house is not a home” and we thala fans are always home united. Let that vijay and suriya fans speak whatever they want but we have just a single message to them.” A still tongue makes a wise head.” GOOD DAY TO ALL.

  1. Thala Fan Number One says

    Please take care of your health Thala.

    We don’t want u to pressure yourself since you’re now 41, not 30.

    Please select good projects, better directors. Shankar, GVM, AR Murugadoss, KV Anand are currently the master-mind directors.

    Enough of giving-life to new-comers or new directors. Superstar Rajnikanth was already a Superstar by the time he touched 40/50 years old, due to good scripts.

    You’re reaching your 40’s, so films should be more family-oriented, not half-baked as Asal, Azhwar, Aegan, Billa 2 etc.

    Good luck & all the best!

    • S.H.Shabarish says

      What you said is exactly correct? He only introduce S.J.Surya, A.R.Murugadoss, Saran, Vishnuvardan, Venkat Prabhu(Make them as a leading director). Now Ajith has to select good projects with Shankar, K.S.Ravikumar, Gautham, A.R.Murugadoss, once again with Venkatprabhu(Mangatha-2), Hari..,

  2. komjay says

    Another good news as below :

    That Ajith appreciating Vijay and A R Murugadoss for their good work in ‘Thupakki’ has fuelled speculation that the ‘Thala’ and the director may come together for a movie.

    It is to be noted that Murugadoss made his directorial debut with ‘Dheena’, a super hit film starring Ajith in the lead. Now it is said the two will come together for another action entertainer.

    “The movie will be a multicrore extravaganza and it will be produced by V Ravichandran of Aascar Films. Further details will be out soon,” say sources.

    Ajith is currently shooting for a yet untitled film directed by Vishnuvardhan. Also, he is set to do a movie with Siva of ‘Siruthai’ fame.

      • komjay says

        “Thiz movie will be a multicrore extravaganza and it will be produced by V Ravichandran of Aascar Films directed by Mrugodas and Ajith can break all records.

  3. Arun says

    Bcos the cinema 360 programme said vijay & surya r next super stars.
    that book also said
    mgr sivaji
    rajni kamal
    vijay surya.
    whats ur opinion frnds

    • S.H.Shabarish says

      Our Thala is greater than them. He is not follower of M.G.R or Rajni. Our Thala is always different. Ajith fans are true fans. B’coz we not the fans for Ajith hits. We are fans for “A Human Being-Ajith”. Any body have objection they can give a reply. Even other hero’s fans also.

      • komjay says

        This is the problem we have and it is known as big head.

        Rajni is a greatest superstar living and even SRK accepts him so lets respect him and there is nothng wrong to be compared
        with Rajni sir.I feel it is a honor.

        S.H.Shabarish never undermine past and present legend like
        MGR,Sivaji,Rajni, Kamal…….

        MGR is a past legend and still his movies can hit box office.
        Also respect him as Superstar and ex CM of tamil nadu.

        If we have the humbleness of Thala then truly we can call
        oueself Thala fan.

    • sathish says

      guys pls try to understand .. our thala is the ULTIMATE STAR.. so we don’t want the super star .. never give up..

  4. says

    Mr.arun dont bother abt that media, ajith sir & his fans have seen so many medias like this eg.sun network, they have avoided to relay ajith songs from 2003 to 2007 if u contact sun music just mention ajith song line will cutoff, during that time vijay was praised after that what happend vijay became slave for sun pictures but thala is always thala than, puthiya thalaimurai is a new channel came to market & start to purchase went to shop they saw just show case pieces like vijay & surya let them enter into shop they will see a beautiful thing with humbleness, humanity, gentleman our thala, will be there, let them come forward to know abt our thala mass, they will realize friend, we fans have seen lots of channel like this ajith & ajith fans r silent rockers, but un stoppable v had our own way we r forwarding to next level let the media realize & follow our THALA, we doesnt want to bother abt that channel they r nothing, we thala & thala fans r always something special.

  5. Vikram says

    Don’t worry about superstar status. Everybody is living for their own life. All are going to die one day. no use in this star status. if u like ajith watch his movies and see your life..that’s all..but remember hereafter no body from movie can come to politics..still if they come then remember …Vijaykanth status now..

  6. Vikram says

    Ajith, u have to do village role..and concetrate on ur comedy, have vadivelu, santhanam and for ur status no need to take these stunt risks..jst ur smiling speech with neat screenplay would make movie super hit. for e.g movie like unakum enakum is complete entertainer..so u also do movie with all package which shud be watchable by kids, ladies, youth and old people. u can Rock..it is all in ur hand..

    • S.H.Shabarish says

      I am agree on you Mr.Vikram. But, Thala acting as a village role will not be suit for him. Instead of it, he can concentrate in his comedies, his costumes(Not like asusual CoatSuit), Story, Screenplay, Scripts , Director, Lyrics.., And very important-He should not always walk in the screen. He should try to dance also. We know his body condition. At the same time we have to give importance to certain things..

  7. Vikram says

    These collections are breakable always..forget it..One more important thing i want to share…To become an Ajith fan..one has to think his character rather than his movies..that we cant expect from all audience, bcoz audience just they want entertainment…Vijay chooses his script in such a way all audiences can watch..but take ajith movies, mostly not entertaining. Ajith also entertain..Ajith movie does not have family either he will be alone or orphan and vijay movies have right sentiments with family on both heroine as well. Hope u all accept..but still he has been compared to Vijay always. Ajth leads 1 time and Vijay leads other time..still same situation was happening. so don’t worry guys..Ajith got 2 favorite hero awards in Vijay tv. He is leading than any other actor..anyway this yr Vijay will get fr naban or thuppaki..lets hope fr next year..This is time Ajith has to concentrate on his weightage in character in good script..Hope he acts like english vinglish (Dialogue delivery, Energetic, freshness) in all his upcoming movies..

    • S.H.Shabarish says

      Once again I like to remember one thing, Once upon a time he spoke that he is the next super star. And that time the released film was “Anjanaeya” which is one of the utter flop film. Now the time has bring him the matured charaacter.

  8. KISHANR says

    Ajith Sir forget about what others says, focus on your work, i’m sure you will get the success, we are here to support you always. Be yourself, but at the same time our humble request, kindly please do movie with Mani Sir and Shankar as well.. We just would like to see you with this combo at once… I hope you can do 3 movie in a year, please take care of your health, optimistically all your undertakings will be achieved… God Bless you Sir…

  9. Anthony says

    Well Said Dinesh & Vikaram we should not bother about media report now a days all the media is in favour of who gives them personal programmes & their movies to channel they praise the same so no need to worry about media reports

  10. eliyesar says


  11. XXX says

    நெல்லை தமிழ் பேசும் அஜீத்.

    முன்பெல்லாம், ஒரு படத்தில் நடித்து முடித்து, அதன் ரிசல்ட்டைப் பார்த்துவிட்டே அடுத்த படத்தை ஓ.கே செய்வார் அஜீத். ஆனால், “பில்லா -2 வில் நடித்து வந்தபோதே, விஷ்ணுவர்த்தன் படத்திற்கு கால்ஷீட் கொடுத்துவிட்டார். அதேபோல், இப்போது விஷ்ணுவர்த்தன் படத்தில் நடித்து வரும்போதே, “சிறுத்தை சிவா இயக்கும் புதிய படத்தில், டிசம்பர் மாதம் முதல் நடிக்க ஒப்புதல் கொடுத்துள்ளார். அப்படத்தின் கதைக்களம் திருநெல்வேலி என்பதால், முக்கிய காட்சிகள் அங்குதான் படமாகிறதாம். அதோடு, படத்தின் வசனங்களையும் நெல்லை தமிழில் அட்சரசுத்தமாக எழுதியுள்ளனர். அதனால், அஜீத்தும் திருநெல்வேலி தமிழை உள்வாங்கி, பேசி, நடிக்க தன்னை தயார்படுத்தி வருகிறார்.

  12. Nandu says

    All the best Ajith Sir for future projects***
    From the above conversations , plzz don’t ever care about these medias, moreover our thala nvr gve importance to these and all like nxt superstar this tht…He just throwed away the Rasigar Mandram, Ultimate star title itself…As we are fans , the people, media shld say no one can be like Ajith n present also in future ..None of the hero can gain his name in future …Let Ajith be as he s …Without any title he rocks..
    We fans call him thala …He even rejectd the title of Thala for current film.

    In an interview he said, ” My duty is to entertain people , they love t and my thankful to my fans” Let the man be simple , whoever becum superstar nvr mind , we, fans of Ajith will nvr withdraw interest on him through our entire life , we will all be big support for him

  13. says

    allow sabrish who told thala do know dance.see mankatha and varalaru film.he danced well.u know ajith fans didnt expect comedies and dance.ajith is like a hollywood hero people expecting a stylish film from him like billa

  14. says

    HI Thala,

    I saw news about your backbone surgery, Earlier as i update this website, please don’t take risk on your movies.

    If you come on screen all Thala will celebrate the movie

    No one will help you & your family Even Fan’s also (Eg: When Director Bala threatened you about Naan Kadvual Movie advance) I think fews fans make issue after that there is no news about that.

    Thala Rocks

    R Baskar Rao

  15. says

    HI Thala,

    I saw news about your backbone surgery, Earlier as i update this website, please don’t take risk on your movies.

    If you come on screen all Thala will celebrate the movie

    No one will help you & your family Even Fan’s also (Eg: When Director Bala threatened you about Naan Kadvual Movie advance) I think fews fans make issue after that there is no news about that.

    Thala Rocks

    R Baskar Rao

  16. nimalan says

    guys if you say vijay chooses good script between pokiri to thupaki all movies are rubbish luckily he got thuppaki hit.

  17. says

    The same thing happened in 2003 the media and press told that vijay and vikram are next rajni and kamal after that vijay and vikram was giving continous flop and vikram is out now surya has joined the list. Dont forget about vijay continous flop. From that time to now ajith has a special place in the industry and in peoples heart. Please try to understand ajith is not rajni or kamal he is mixture of both. He has his own way and own audience which surya or vijay cant do. Anyone can become next rajni or kamal in future but no one can become like our thala in present and also in future. Why friends you want ajith to occupy rajni position we can create new and own position for our thala which no one should occupy in the industry here after in future.

  18. nimalan says

    100% you are right question should be who is next thala?[sj surija isaid in interview]thala is traveling correct way salt & peper look .in 42 years old which tamil actor appeared with thier salt &peper look. looke at him kamal .thala made a differant rout ……………………..nobody can do this one only thala.

  19. bramesh says

    good one ansari,

    we dont want to debate on who is the next super star.

    we can debate on who is the next thala.

    thala always rocks….

  20. says

    Hi Friends

    Yesterday i updated information in this website it got missed.

    Thuppaki is solo hit, in this Diwali no new movie get released other than simbu Poda Podi Average movie.

    In 75 year’s Tamil Industry top ten movie collection’s our Thala 3 movie is included which is (Varaluru (48 C), Billa (56 C) & Mankatha (130 C)) and also his all movie the main collection is Tamil Version, Not like Legends (Rajini & Kamal Sir’s ) they will release all the languages

    After Legends collection’s our Thala is the first

    Please refer given below link:



    Surya & Karthi (These People always depend by Telugu version now days those people marketing too over so that reason after Ayan no Hit’s from Raktha Charitra onwards all movies got flopped except Singam Movie and also Nanban movie gone to Vijay because he demanding salary as well Telugu version rights )

    Hi Thala

    On Behalf of our fan club small suggestion for 3rd Time Last five years, Please aviod Risk secene like Helicopter ,Bridge Jump (Billa & Billa-2), Car & Bike race(Mankatha, Paramasivan) New Movie
    Some Risk shot.

    How these Legends MGR, Sivaji, Rajini, Kamal coming on screen fans enjoying, Every Movie we like Legends feelings.

    All the best for your Back Bone Surgery

    R Baskar Rao

  21. madankumar says

    Ajith’s leg injury didn’t cure up yet. Surely it has to be operated but due to commitments, i feel #Ajith wil undergo surgery aftr 6 mnths.

    With all pains, #Ajith is still continuing dangerous stunts & shoot, only for us fans. In fact, he gonna work 2x time aftr Siva shoot start.

    There is no point in blaming #Ajith abt weight fluctuation. With such unbearable pain, he cant even walk normally, thn how come he do gym?

    One point is sure. #Ajith gonna undergo 2 surgeries. But not in spinal cord. I’m really stunned with his hardwork, dedication and commitment.

    Regd, shooting schedule of Vishnuvardhan project, the shoot is postponed for 3 days. Hopefully, it will resume on Dec 1st i think.

  22. kadhal mannan karthik says

    thala allways masssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss thala pola varumaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  23. says

    Gr8 Thala

    Hi Ajith fans,

    If it happened to see Siruthai Shiva please ask him to take good mind blowing script movie for Thala

    (Siruthai Shiva we don’t want like your masala movies. Thala gave a big oppurtunity don’t disappoint Ajith fans.

    We are expecting very good screenplay movie /also Ajith performance we need to see in big screen)(Villain/Varalaru)

  24. kaavya says

    Hi Ajith Sir,
    This is my first message to u. Iam ur sincere fan for almost 14years and no one has ever replaced ur position. Its high time, as a fan iwould like to say(on behalf of all thala fans)…..Firstly, we would like to see u with a young look

  25. kaavya says

    Hi Ajith Sir,
    Congratulations for all ur successful endeavours. This is my first message to u. Iam ur sincere fan for almost 14 years
    and no one has replaced ur position. Now its high time for me to speak on behalf of all thala fans… Firstly, we would
    like to see u again with a young look. Secondly, choice of movies to be based on good story, with a blend of comedy,
    romance, soothing songs, action. Thirdly, many of ur fans follow the footsteps of urs knowingly or unknowingly…
    so please take care of the roles, deeds that features in the movies, since u r the inspiration for mnay of us.
    Finally, take care of ur health. I wish and pray for ur good health forlong years, so that v can happily
    watch ur movies. Take care. Hope this will be a positive note and all thala fans will agree.Like u always!

  26. Vikram says

    @Ansari: naangalum atharkaaga thaane magane aasai padukirom.. Ajith wants to do movies with entertaining screenplay. he does not need to risk himself. Act in simple movies with speedy narration. u have ur own style. so even in ordinary movies u can expose ur styles, select your director in such a way..no need for billa type, mankatha type and grey hairs again..we want u like in Vaali, nee varuvai ena etc., just simple ajith with entertaining screenplay. directors suggestion AR murugadoss, Shankar, Sargunam, A.L Vijay, KV. Anand, Ks. Ravikumar (Kaangeyan (that 4 getups rumoured before), then do chandramukhi part 2 with director KSR.

  27. Vikram says

    @Ajith fan: Why u fans are confusing all. Of course this movie is typical mass entertainer masala movie only. Siruthai is one of the super hit movie with huge success in box office, the screenplay satisfied all type of audience kids, youth, old. According to me it is not boring. Pls forget ajith will do like villain, varalaru. Answer is 100% no. All we need is typical tamil film with entertaining screenplay, with out boring screenplay thats all.

  28. says

    AJITH FANS :::::::::::::MUST READ

    The show business is one where looks matter the most and film stars always go the extra mile to make sure that they look as alluring and glamorous as ever. This applies to both the genders and they don’t hesitate to even go under the knife to give that extra edge to their looks. At the end of the day, people pay money to see good looking stars on screen and stars realize that all too well.
    As a result, even as they enter the 40s and 50s, stars make sure that their on-screen persona doesn’t show their actual age. Layers of makeup, dyes, wigs, surgeries, chemicals etc. give them what they desire. Younger stars aren’t lagging either as they know that their shelf life in the industry is small and they put in lot of effort and money to get that perfect look. Female stars in particular are under immense pressure to flaunt the perfect ‘hour glass’ structure as Indian film viewers rarely accept a de-glam heroine
    Some stars take their on-screen looks to their real lives too and come dressed impeccably and with full makeup even for events and functions. Some others keep their career and personal life aside and come unassumingly without makeup for social events.
    But there is the rarest of rare film star who actually comes unassumingly on screen too. God has gifted him / her with such looks and charm that he / she can carry off even a de-glam look sans any makeup. I am talking about one such star who is actually part of the Tamil film industry. He is the Thala to millions of fans around the world and since his 50th film Mankatha, he has decided that he will accept his ageing rather gracefully. Yes, Ajith Kumar, it is.
    He rocked his natural ‘salt and pepper’ look in Mankatha and his looks actually floored even young girls as his charm was such. He proved that he is an undisputed star even with all the grey hair on him. In his latest Billa 2, Ajith had to look young as the movie was a prequel and he had to dye his hair.
    At the age of 41, he isn’t exactly old but he still feels that it would be apt if he plays his age. So, will the salt and pepper grey hair continue in future too? We aren’t yet aware of his role in his next Vishnuvardhan film but, we can obviously see a greater share of grey and white in his hair compared to his Mankatha days. And in future, the coverage of grey and white is only going to increase as even Thala can’t beat time.
    With happening young girls like Tamannah set to be paired with Ajith in his future projects, I would love to see Ajith back to his dark hair days. His face has the same charm, his hair is voluminous, his smile is still sparkling and his manly edge is still enviable. There is so much incentive for him to mask his grey / white hair despite looking good in this avatar too.
    When stars much older to him take every effort to carefully dye their hair and mask their signs of ageing, Ajith also has reason to follow suit as commercial cinema is a medium where the hero is expected to look young. Ajith himself will agree that a big mass hero like him can’t keep playing characters which feature him in his 40s like how Mankatha did. The unwritten rules of commercial cinema also result in younger and younger girls coming into cinema and being paired opposite big mass heroes and as a result the lead men also have a big obligation to look young.
    Ajith has generally been faulted for carrying some extra pounds which are a direct result of the numerous surgeries due to his racing misadventures. He himself has said that he feels bad when people talk disrespectfully about his weight issues. Still, the effort that he has put to pump iron and obtain the muscular and toned look for the Vishnuvardhan movie is truly applause worthy. This just shows that ‘impossible’ is just a word for Ajith and the effort that he invests in doing his action scenes without any double, is again humbling.
    Now, all that remains is for him to get rid of the grey and white, a simple favor indeed. Thala, you are still just 41. It is actually the prime age for a mass hero like you to soar. When we see you with the gorgeous Tamannah in the upcoming commercial entertainer to be directed by Siva, we are sure it will be a splendid pair if you are back to your dashing ‘dark hair’ ways. And with the newfound muscular arms and toned body to add to your smashing face, we are sure you will be a killer.
    This is just a humble request from an ardent cinema viewer who has been admiring you for over a decade.

    Source: Tamilkey

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