Don’t Keep the Title as “Thala” – AjithKumar

Thala is a wonderful human being…when we suggested d title as  “Thala” itself..he said…never have me in mind.. “Have story in mind… for story n script i can do anything…but not for me as an individual”


Suresh Subha (Thala-Vishnu project script writer) via Twitter

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  1. Thala Fan Number One says

    I really hope this project works big time. Since Writers Subha were the one’s responsible for the success of films like Ayan, KO, Maatran etc, I really wish this film’ll be another Box Office success.

  2. komjay says

    After the recent success of Thuppakki, Vijay and A.R.Murugadoss are understandably elated. Box-office returns and reviews have been positive from day 1.

    Recently, Ajith took some time out to congratulate and wish Vijay as well as Murugadoss on their success. He was impressed with their work and was profuse in his praise. Both of them were elated at this gesture from Ajith.

    Ajith should act in Murugodas directed movie immediately after
    Vishnu movie. Dont attempt Siruthai Siva movie.

  3. billajegan says

    thala nenga oru english padam pannunga example, the matrix then
    the blade then the xxx then mib movies, we are waiting your hollywood action movies please thala…..

  4. says

    AJITH FANS :::::::::::::MUST READ

    The show business is one where looks matter the most and film stars always go the extra mile to make sure that they look as alluring and glamorous as ever. This applies to both the genders and they don’t hesitate to even go under the knife to give that extra edge to their looks. At the end of the day, people pay money to see good looking stars on screen and stars realize that all too well.
    As a result, even as they enter the 40s and 50s, stars make sure that their on-screen persona doesn’t show their actual age. Layers of makeup, dyes, wigs, surgeries, chemicals etc. give them what they desire. Younger stars aren’t lagging either as they know that their shelf life in the industry is small and they put in lot of effort and money to get that perfect look. Female stars in particular are under immense pressure to flaunt the perfect ‘hour glass’ structure as Indian film viewers rarely accept a de-glam heroine
    Some stars take their on-screen looks to their real lives too and come dressed impeccably and with full makeup even for events and functions. Some others keep their career and personal life aside and come unassumingly without makeup for social events.
    But there is the rarest of rare film star who actually comes unassumingly on screen too. God has gifted him / her with such looks and charm that he / she can carry off even a de-glam look sans any makeup. I am talking about one such star who is actually part of the Tamil film industry. He is the Thala to millions of fans around the world and since his 50th film Mankatha, he has decided that he will accept his ageing rather gracefully. Yes, Ajith Kumar, it is.
    He rocked his natural ‘salt and pepper’ look in Mankatha and his looks actually floored even young girls as his charm was such. He proved that he is an undisputed star even with all the grey hair on him. In his latest Billa 2, Ajith had to look young as the movie was a prequel and he had to dye his hair.
    At the age of 41, he isn’t exactly old but he still feels that it would be apt if he plays his age. So, will the salt and pepper grey hair continue in future too? We aren’t yet aware of his role in his next Vishnuvardhan film but, we can obviously see a greater share of grey and white in his hair compared to his Mankatha days. And in future, the coverage of grey and white is only going to increase as even Thala can’t beat time.
    With happening young girls like Tamannah set to be paired with Ajith in his future projects, I would love to see Ajith back to his dark hair days. His face has the same charm, his hair is voluminous, his smile is still sparkling and his manly edge is still enviable. There is so much incentive for him to mask his grey / white hair despite looking good in this avatar too.
    When stars much older to him take every effort to carefully dye their hair and mask their signs of ageing, Ajith also has reason to follow suit as commercial cinema is a medium where the hero is expected to look young. Ajith himself will agree that a big mass hero like him can’t keep playing characters which feature him in his 40s like how Mankatha did. The unwritten rules of commercial cinema also result in younger and younger girls coming into cinema and being paired opposite big mass heroes and as a result the lead men also have a big obligation to look young.
    Ajith has generally been faulted for carrying some extra pounds which are a direct result of the numerous surgeries due to his racing misadventures. He himself has said that he feels bad when people talk disrespectfully about his weight issues. Still, the effort that he has put to pump iron and obtain the muscular and toned look for the Vishnuvardhan movie is truly applause worthy. This just shows that ‘impossible’ is just a word for Ajith and the effort that he invests in doing his action scenes without any double, is again humbling.
    Now, all that remains is for him to get rid of the grey and white, a simple favor indeed. Thala, you are still just 41. It is actually the prime age for a mass hero like you to soar. When we see you with the gorgeous Tamannah in the upcoming commercial entertainer to be directed by Siva, we are sure it will be a splendid pair if you are back to your dashing ‘dark hair’ ways. And with the newfound muscular arms and toned body to add to your smashing face, we are sure you will be a killer.
    This is just a humble request from an ardent cinema viewer who has been admiring you for over a decade.

    Source: Tamilkey

  5. aravind-neyveli says

    can c mny charctr lyk u…but not possble to c an actor having such type of awesome,superb,good charctr lyk u…


    being ur fan since at athe age of 8

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