Ajith’s Diwali Message To Fans

Pic Info – Ajith in Mumbai

Thank you for concern about my health and wellness. Be happy & spend time with your parents this Diwali & make them feel happy. Wishing you all and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

With Love

Ajith Kumar

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  1. AnbanAjith! says

    Thank you THALA!,
    The Marks on your forehead is the proof of your Dare devil brave heart!
    The Words of your wish, is the proof for your love on fans and their parents!
    Thats a hearty message to fans!

  2. Thala Fan Number One says

    I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & I really wish my dear Thala, his family, & his family all over the world: Thala rasigargal a heartfelt Happy Diwali.

    Thank you for your message my Thala & I wish you all the very best in your future & upcoming projects. May you flourish in good health, peace & prosperity. Honestly, I’m feeling proud of becoming one among MILLIONS of your fans.

    Thank you very much Thala!

    Idhu dhan “THALA DEEPAVALI”!

  3. DAYANITHI says

    Thala take care of your health, seeing wound in your forehead makes to feel so bad….. Happy Diwlai to and your family………….

  4. KGB says

    Thanks for your wishes & care taking to your fans & fans family. Pls take care of your health…. We pray for you to get well soon.

  5. kavipriyan says

    Wish u happy diwali thala take care ur health nd don’t take risk thala always god will be with u we all pray for u .,we all thank to god .

  6. says

    Thank you brother……
    Have a happy Diwali with ur family……..
    Get well soon…..
    Prayers of all fans are with u…..
    We are expecting a big hit on the next movie ….. to prove u r the next super star…. All the best Thala……

  7. Krishna Kumar S says

    Thank you thala, wish you and your family a Prosperous Diwali
    take care of your health, your parrents are realy lucky

  8. says

    Annan neenga epavum nalla irukanum engaluku kandipa inimae diwaliku unga padam venum. pls do 3 films in the year(pongal,may 1,diwali) athu pothum engaluku

  9. raja says

    thanks thala………………..take care health .2013…………..opening mass hit in thala film .thanks thala fans happy diwali.

    • komjay says


      Thupaki opened big but not as big as Mangakata or Billa 2.

      My advice stay away fromAjith site.

      Ajith and Vijay are friends and Ajith wants Vijay to do well
      and vice versa/

    • sheik says

      அதுக்கு விஜய் இன்னொரு தடவ பிறந்து வரணும், இத்தனை நாளா இந்த ஒப்பணிங் எங்க போச்சு கண்ணா?
      தல எந்த படம் நடிச்சாலும் MASS OPENING தான், விஜய் எந்த படம் நடிச்சாலும் பிரச்சனைதான்
      be carefull it should be the last visit to this site

    • Arun says

      If good directors not directs Vijay, his carrier will be lost. Our mass is entirely diferent, we r very close to real life of Ajith. Not like Vijay, his fans hide when his carrierwas under flop in Kuruvi, sura etc., now after giving few hits don’t say absurd. And Everybody know THUPPAKI has become hit becasue of ARM best screenplay.

  10. Rasul says

    Ajith sir,thupaki mari logic illa padam lam vetri aakudu.Engaluku kastama iruku.Plz next padathoda trailor ah padunga.knjam aaruthala irukum.yearly 3 film aathu panunga.kenji ketukuren plz

    • says

      Hello Ajith sir,
      I was happy that u r alright but i was disappoint about ur movies ,everybody teasing us so give me ur best movie that every body has to know who we are and we has to miggle with all of them Iam not saying that we want take revenge but we should be happy with everybody.

    • komjay says

      Hi guy,

      Ajith must select good directors if he wants to do well.

      Shankar , Murugodass , Anand and etc.

      Music directors like AR, Haris…..

      He is on the top but doesn’t get involve in his movies.

      Chandramukhi 2 is a good idea.

  11. Rasul says

    Ajith sir,unga face 3 hour padam ah pathalum athan engaluku deepavali.please sir,ungala kenji ketukuren yearly pongal,deepavali,ramzan unga padatha release panunga..love u lot.

  12. says

    Dear friends, i need all your support to help my blind peoples, here we have lot of patients as blind , so please any one have interest in Eye Donation please call this number… 94444 48617. please forwed this to all your friends … Dear Mr.Ajith i need your full support to help them , tat am waiting for your cal sir,
    Happy Diwali
    Thank you .

  13. says

    Hello Ajith Sir,
    Our fans is your one man army so this diwali is vijay fans enjoyment but we has to give one hit that ur family has enjoy huge in every year .Diwali is not happy for me ajith sir.

  14. nimalan says

    nothing to worry ,nothing to wonder thuppaki is new for them.thala has already done stylish movies.even vijay acts in 007 movie we do not care becoz thala is the talented than vijay obiously .i didnt see thuppaki but friend saw & said ok only once u can see.i think arm try to make like bill1 [stylish]becoz i m waiting diologes [i m back]vijay i m waiting without any feel so thala is the rolmodel for even vijay.please do english movie like HEAT CLIMAX BEST, I WANT THALA IN THE CORRECTERDID ANYONE SEE THAT MOVIE ?WHAT IS YOUR SUGGESTION?GET THIS TO THALA.

  15. komjay says

    Ajith should a movie with director Murugadoss as below.

    After the release of Thuppakki, all eyes are on director Murugadoss and his next moves. He is next directing a Hindi movie with Akshay Kumar in the lead and this is expected to be the Hindi remake of Thuppakki.

    When asked if he would do another film with Ajith, who gave him the initial break with Dheena in 2001, the director says that he is ready to do a film with the star anytime even if that means giving up on the project that he is doing at that time. He is regularly in touch with Ajith even now and is grateful to him for having faith in him as a newcomer. He is available forever for Ajith, he says. It is also said that Murugadoss has a script ready for Ajith.

  16. madhan says

    Hi Thala,

    Whom ever sees the message from the vishnu vardhan team.

    We will not care if movie of other actor hits or flop. But we need massive hit like BILLA for Ajith Sir, everyone knows that. You can take time to relase the trailer or movie but the movie should be really mass like billa..big for ajith carrier.. Not like Billa 2 where the movie took one year but it didnt reach well..

    Each scene in the movie should be unpredicatable, people should bite there fingers what is going to happen next scene..no one should predict the movie till the end….climax and intro scene should be like mass..

    One more sceret: Please show the villan in the movie very heavy like Batman..then only movie will get more weightage to the hero..take care of the screen play very very carefully which is more important

    I know vishnu and yuvan combo rocks…definitely this movie need to rock.. if i hurted anywere in my words plz forgive me because iam ajith fan

    • komjay says


      u don’t care but we all care.

      Vishnu movie will click.

      Ajith need to select his movies carefully with good directors,
      script and music directors.

      Just look at Dheena, Varularu and Billa and u understand why ?

  17. Arun says

    Dear THALA,

    You have good acting, screen presence, personality still ur not able to give continuous hits. Everybody know ur best in all departments except dance. Though ur giving flops intermittently, you know about ur mass. Hence kindly select good subject and good directors . U will reach acme if u give continuous three hits. Nobody can beat you. Since u haven’t done that,vijay films are doing well.

    • komjay says


      Ajith has hit the top and no turning back.

      I see other actors have good locations, good comedy
      and grand sets and AR has the music director. Actress
      also cannot act as in BILLA 2.

      Why the producers of Ajith have refused to spend the money
      for his movies while his movie can rake in so much money in
      a short time.

      Why does Shankar, Ravikumar K, Annand and even Murugodas
      do not want to direct his movies.

      Why does he need to act in movies like Biila 2 with Chakri the useless
      and Saran another useless director of ASAL

      Now with Siva of Serethai, an accidental hit from Masalah director/
      I bet after Vishu superhit we are going to massive flop.

      By the way what is Visnu ajith movie title.
      If no titile means no story ?

      Ajith needs good advisors if to remain on top.

  18. madhan says


    Please ready my message carefully…i said we dont care if other herosmovie (vijay,surya,karthik) are movie is hit or flop…If you think only thala movie hits that is selfishness..even thala will not like it..

    Thala is very good human being..I have seen him encouraging lot of youngster and all gener people…I was trying to say that thala movies need to be massive hit..

    I want correct one thing here is many think that popular music director,director can only give massive hit Like AR murgadoss, gautham vasudev etc..

    All big people have even given flop..So please stop suggesting on the directors name..

    If we are good fan..we have to support him in all situation only…Even the movie didnt do well as TRUE thala fan..we need to be with him..

    Iam true thala fan…i will be with him in all situation…not only at the time of massive hit..

    By thala fan.

    • komjay says

      Yes, I agree with you.

      Now Ajith needs a massive hit.

      Vishnu movie may do it but it is a multi star with Arya.

      Ajith needs a movie without being multi star and he must
      carry it own his own.

      Lets hope Ajith does read our commets and adjust his movies
      to the fans demand.

      His movie needs to be u and not over 18 years.

      He has to give a Enga Veedu Pillai , Nam Nadu, Vasantha Malagai which are all Vijaya Combine under Naga Redi and now Ajith
      going to act under Siruthai Siva.Of course I prefer Murugodas
      after seeing Dheena just now.

  19. nimalan says

    1000% arun right he had choosen aalvaar after varalaru hit billa 1 then aagan ,manhatha >billa2 .movie is average is acceptable.flop movie is means wrong selection in somewhere.ur missussing ur ablitty .mankatha is superb but billa2 ?when u r acting u dont know too much voilant inthe movie? be fit choose good one.

  20. nimalan says

    friend of mine said that thuppaki is ok becoz of ar murugadas not vijay.this word can not be said to you .hits movies got65%your imput.

  21. Kalkibhagwan says

    Dear Thala im One of ur Ardent Fans
    in the recent times Ur films rnt doin Well Mankatha Did well Billa 2 Was Half baked
    in The recent times
    ur 49th FIlm was Offered to GVM He didnt have script so u Chose SARAN

    SARAN ( Except for Kaadhal Mannan & Amarkalam ( mainly Ur Performance was the King Most of the Films Survives with Bharadwaj Music )

    NANDHA- U CHose Red
    GEMINI ( ERUMUGHM )- u CHose Raja
    KAKKA KAKKA – U Chose Anjaneya
    Same way
    U CHose Raju Sundaram why ???? For the Sake of Friendship Irony Even Arun Pandian The Producer Expressed Displeasure in His Direction these guys use u as their Ladder for Succeess

    Chakri Film was good Not bad But COuld Have Been Better , U Chose Heroines who cant even act it was Delaying so u Suddenly Chose Chakri Who Just Got the Script Ready within 2 weeks
    Same case with Asal No Planning this is The reality Plz choose Directors who can use ur Potency to the Maximum
    its really Not worth u Have Missed Good Scripts
    Plz understand the Value of the Fan feelings U Have more fans than any They want the best out of u They Do Paalabhishegam Cut Out WHy they Love u so much wont u Love them Yes u Do
    Plz show in Action
    We want u to do More films ur 3 min Cameo in English VInglish we were Happy it Brought the Lighter side of u Why not Do those type of films with esteemed directors wat stops u ????
    Vijay is Doin films with good directors
    Surya is also signing good directors ( I Cant even Trace when He Brought a new Comer )

    Problem is When These Guys Give Hits People talk abt them Praise them , When they Flop No One Opens their Mouth
    when u Succeed
    U Shoot their Mouth off & No One praises u
    But when U fail they Bad mouth u
    Plz may ur films Silence every one of them
    See these actors r Known in Btown , Even u too only Few remade ur Film Still ur worth isnt Known Plz show How worthy ur

    • komjay says

      Yes, 100 percent correct and I could not have said better.

      We want Ajith fans to come forward and say how our Thala
      can give massive hits for us.

  22. says

    Hi Ajith fans well said

    Sirtuthai shiva is the masala director he didn’t have good capability to show case your talents of acting skills in screens

    His Screensplay will contain full of masala contents not the contents

    Thala choose the best director

    Waiting for Vishnuvarthan movie:) surely block buster & will be treat for Ajith fans

  23. Rasul says

    Ajith sir na unga mela kobama iruken.padatha plz pongalukathu release panunga..enala kathuruka mudila.numma yarunu katanum thala

    • komjay says

      After seeing Agen, Asal and Billa 2, you assume Siruthai Siva should
      be ok but you cry over Tupaki success due to Murugodas.

      Do you want Murugodas or Siva ? Decide ?

  24. nimalan says

    you can not understimate anyone s talent ,most of the successfull directers r in field ajith interduced them .arr,vijay sa surja………..

    • komjay says

      So you still want Ajith fans to suffer and Chandrasekhar father of Vijay has called Vijay a Superstar.

      So that we keep on getting disappointed.

      What a fan Nimalan you are ?

  25. nimalan says

    father calls his son superstar or 007 who care of this ,after pokkri they had thuppaki genuine success but they have been saying other movies also hit .we were disappointed bcoz of not realising thalas movie thatswhy we all chat about thalas next movie.proud to be a thala fan komjay no doubt about it.thuppaki movie can be done by visal also mankatha can be done only thala. sac you call your son whatever you like.

  26. sunder says

    hai bro,thanx 4 ur wishes & sorry 4 my belated wishes,&i heared u met an acd @ shooting spot
    pls take care & don ‘t take risk

  27. rohith says

    hi thala

    iam a fan from hyderabad,ive been a huge fan fan since vaali.and to this day i stil belive no one could have acted dat role in dat movie xept u,i s ur next film with vishnuvardhan a bilingual??,or will it atleast be dubbed into telugu, though ppl seem to think that u hav no fan following in hyderabad or rest of andhra,that is not at al true,while a lot of ppl who dont even know vijay, YOU on the other hand,have many fans here ,but problem is 90% of your films dont release here.

    u have a TON of fans here,Especially after mankatha(it was gambler here) ,i absolutley loved your role in dat movie, no one can dare to play dat role xept you,dat grey haired look realy took every one by surprise here,…,i saw billa 2 too,but da story wasnt good ,though u cmpletly stole da show,hope ur films gt released in telugu also from now on

    by da way pls dont work with siruthai siva ,hes done a couple of films here in telugu ,and they are pretty terrible…it would be like a huge step back,for such a huge star like you thala.

  28. Vivek says

    Hi anna me&my family loves you very much pls take care of your health and we will wish you all the best for your future projects ,and advance birthday wishes to my brother’s daughter anoushka:-)

  29. gowri shankar says

    thala ur my life and ur the real hero of the world advance marry chirsmas to u and ur family take care of ur health thala my ampishan in my life is to eat with u thala

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