Ajith’s film a big hit in Karnataka

A Still from Ajith’s Varalaru (Godfather)

Thala Ajith’s Mega blockbuster movie Varalaaru (God Father) remade in Kannada got released yesterday.

God Father released Kannada was declared as one of this year’s big hit in Bangalore. Upendra acted in Ajith’s role. AR Rahman does the music and the movie is directed by Sriram.

Godfather, witnessed a tremendous opening at the box office on 27th July 2012 in more than 120 screens across Karnataka. The film opened to 80 To 90% response all over Karnataka on its release day. In Bangalore, the film opened to 90% response in the single screens and around 70% response in multiplexes. The film witnessed strong openings in regions like Mysore, Davanagere, Chitradurga, Shimoga, Northern Karnataka, Hyderabad Karnataka and other smaller centres too. The film has got strong openings in 7 major centers of South Canara simultaneously, such as Mangalore, Udupi, Puthur, Karkala, Mudubidre, B.C.Road and Kundapur.

Here is the Trailer of Kannada movie Godfather

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  1. Ravi(Bangalore) says

    Namba THALA Padam Ellam Remake panni Kannadavil HIT Vallee ,Varalaru Etc.
    Anna Namba VIJAY Telugu Padam Ellam Remake panni Ellam Floppu.
    Tamil Natuku Ketta peru Vangi kuduthar……..Asingama iruku

    Vijay na bangalore la kalla thoki poduranga………no respect

  2. says

    தல நான் ரசிக்கும் மாபெரும் கலைஞன். திரையில் நவீன எம்.ஜி.ஆரை பார்ப்பது போல மகிழ்கிறேன். படத்தின் கதை திரைக்கதை, காட்சியமைப்பு, இசை இவை எல்லாவற்றையும் கடந்து தலையை மட்டும் ரசிக்கிறேன். அவரை திரையில் பார்ப்பதே எனக்கு மகிழ்ச்சிதான். அடுத்த படத்திற்காய் காத்திருக்கிறேன், கதைக்காகவோ, இயக்கத்துக்காகவோ, இசைக்காகவோ இல்லை முழுக்க முழுக்க திரையில் தல அஜித்தை பார்ப்பதற்காக மட்டும், திரையரங்கில் எந்த படத்தையும் நான் பார்ப்பதில்லை, காரணம் நான் சினிமா ரசிகன் அல்ல, ஆனால் அஜித் படத்தை மட்டும் எப்பாடுபட்டாவது திரையரங்கில் பார்த்துவிடுகிறேன் காரணம் நான் தல ரசிகன். பில்லா 2 வை ரசித்து பார்த்துவிட்டேன், இனி தல அஜித்தின் அடுத்த படத்திற்காய் காத்திருக்கிறேன். தல நான் ரசிக்கும் மாபெரும் கலைஞன்.

  3. krish says

    All films stars after doing some movies they show them as good person in their movie like helping people giving voice against social issues.Helping poor people and dancing with poor people.praising thaikulam.
    Its Happened from MGR,RAJANI & VIJAY all had same trend.
    but Thala Did all bad person role in his top movies he never try to to expose him as good person in his movies.But he is realy a amazing person in his life.
    Thala trend setter.Thala thala thaan

  4. komjay says

    It is time for Thala to do MGR evergreen move Enga veedu Pilai
    with Ravikumar under Vijaya Vahuni studio instead with
    Siruthai director Siva.

    After Bila 2, this movie will save him among non ajith fans
    and women folks.

    Bring in Rajni in a cameo role, Prakash raj for Nambiar
    and Saroja Devi in grandmother role.

    2 heroines one from North and another from Kollywood
    like Amala Paul would add spice to the movie.


  5. says

    Hi Krish…. Enga Veetu Pillai is OLD classical movie that won’t suit to the current trend…. Thala don’t remake such oldd movie…. Do experiments with directors like Vishnuvardan, Vettrimaran… Leave the formula films which has nothing in it (Andha Vijay loosu venna formula film pannattum)…. All the best

    • komjay says

      sorry Saravanan I disagree with you.

      Enga Veeedu Pillai is stii evergreen and more popular than Billa of

      Ajith need to get the women, non ajith fans and children
      would love it.

      Anyway thanks for the comment Ajith fan.


      • says

        hi komjay ,

        I am sorry to ask u- are u vijay fan or other hero fan? I am seeing ur comments from long time,from billa 2 release.u always speak negative on our thala,u know that our thala is liked by everyone and he is have female fans from d day he entered film industry,our thala is one of handsome and talented hero in india,and every good human being. Our thala does what others want,he is experiences everything and thats d reason most of other hero fans admire our thala. So mind ur words from next time. Sorry

  6. Arun Raj says

    Hai THALA ur very most more powerful actor thala.U have a bright future in [email protected] u plz 1ly do TAMIL k.
    Ungaluku pinnadi oru crowd iruku THALA…….Ur the REAL GANG STAR…………………

  7. says

    hi komjay,

    Pls underst that our thala does any movie with any director and producers,but other heros will not do movies 4 new directors,producers etc but they look for new heroines,but our thala doesnt see any one but finds or reconises talents from all the technicians in industry. So before talking or commenting mind ur words.

  8. bala says

    thala eanaku romba pidicha hero ean na avar than unmayana hero eanaku oru cinna aasai naan ungala pakanum eannala unkaga patthy solla mudila eanna naan peariya aal illa thank you thala

  9. lakshminarayanan says

    hi thala fans,
    ajith is a real masssssssss hero.cinefieldla ellarukum pidicha actor ajith matum thaan.allover world ajith have a fans.ajith like a ntr for telugu fans,mgr for tamil fans.amitab for hindi fans.hardwork means ajith.A for active,J for jollyness, I for impressive,T for truness,H for hardwork.cricket na sachin,cinemana ajith,arasiyalna annadurai,gangsterna sadamhussain.

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