Billa 2 Trailer crossed 1.5 Lakhs hits in less than 12 Hours

Screenshot of Billa 2 Trailer from Youtube

Billa 2 Trailer views 1,86,000+ 12 hours.

This is faster than Billa 2 Teaser…

Billa 2 Teaser crossed 3lakhs+ in just 24hrs at the day of Launch…So, Billa 2 Trailer will beat the previous upload of Teaser record in another 24 hours.

Soon Billa 2 trailer will be in Youtube trends also & its sure to break many records.

Stay Tuned :)

A Comparison Between Billa 2 Teaser & Billa 2 Trailer from Youtube

Billa 2 Punch:

என்னோட நண்பனா இருக்கறதுக்கு எந்த தகுதியும் வேணாம் ஆனா எதிரியா இருக்கறதுக்கு தகுதி வேணும்.

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  1. KISHANR says

    Thala trailer or movie, the moment it released, its sure to create a record.. only issue is the producer is giving empty promises.. they are not professional enough to promote thala’s movie..

  2. rajaraman says

    My Poem for You THALA… He, who has seen everything, will make unknown to known God granted him the totality of knowledge of all He saw the Secret, discovered the Hidden, He brought prominence of the time He went on distant journey. He is carved on every single stone and he is the wall of People. Supreme over other heroes, lordly in appearance He walks out in front, the leader & walks at the rear, trusted by his companions Mighty Net, protector of his people, He is the REAL hero, born of us.

  3. naveen says

    ‘Billa2 will make kumar to wonder’

    Nammai Uirthikka naam time selevu sithal pothum, mattravari pattri Pese neram irukkathu – Ajith

    ‘Thala solla Thattathe’

  4. Kumar says

    முக்கியசெய்தி: 2013 ஆரம்பத்தில் தொடங்க இருக்கும் அஜித் படத்தின் இயக்குனர் ஏஆர் முருகதாஸ் என்பது கிட்ட தட்ட உறுதியாகிவிட்டது. இததான் அஜித்திடம் எதிர்பார்க்கிறேன். ஒரு நல்லவன் என்னைக்கும் தன் நலனை தானாக கெடுத்து கொள்ளகூடாது. தன்னம்பிக்கை என்பது தனது நன்மைக்காக இருக்கவேண்டும். அதீத தன்னம்பிக்கை தன்னையே வீழ்த்தும் என்பது உண்மை. மக்கள் விரும்பும் நாயகனாக இருக்கவேண்டுமே தவிர ஒரு சாரர் விரும்பும் நாயகனாக இருக்ககூடாது. அஜித் ஒரு மக்கள் விரும்பும் நாயகனாக இருக்க விரும்புகிறேன்.

  5. says


  6. Thala Fan Number One says

    Thala, I wish Billa 2 is blockbuster of the year.

    Vijay’s Thuppaki, Surya’s Maatran: All can get lost!!!

  7. Ram says

    Friends sorry to say as we are not even getting 20% of promotions or ads for billa when compared to mangathaaa.. Waste producer and ascar nalla.kavukaraanunga. All playing game. No one is intrested on promotions without promotions movie will not sucess even we as thala fans watch multiple times. Only ads and promotions wil make movie hit. Thala padam konjam promotions podum movie wil bcome blockbuster. Any idea when we can see trailers in Tv pls update.

  8. raja says

    kumar domaru ippave enga thala makkal virumbum nayakanthan.. poi unga mokkai visaiyai atleast avar rasikarkal virumbum padaththaiyavathu thara sollu

    • [email protected] says

      “”””ithu muzhukka muzhukka neeya edutha mudivu-take care(billa movie @ 18:29 sec)”””” so itha neengalE vachukonga!!!! THALA BILLA 2 —JULY 13— confirmmmmm……DON`~DON~DON~

  9. S.DAVID says

    thalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. Ram says

    no ads no promotions and no teaser in tv till now no updates in english paper.. Very very sad producer and mokkaa waste distributor.not intrested in promotions very very sad. They dont bother on thala movie. Movie wil b very goid and stylish but without primo teaser ni use. Can the editor pls check with producer or ascar when will they start promoting in tv and english papers.

  11. Ram says

    Friends sory to share with u as the movie again got postponed and they are saying 1st august . I checkd with ascar films ashok nagar chennai and the same updated in wikipedia. It will not run for 2 weeks if its relaesing in august as maatraan thupakki viswaroopam and mugamudi will get in and remove billa. Nalla movie with baadu worst prducer and worst distributor getting lost without a good name. Very sad friends.. No trailer in tv no ads in english paper and how do u think the movie will become hit. Thala has to produce on his own then only movie will release on said date. No one is supporting thala in the industry…..

  12. Ram says

    Hi friends.. any idea as why there is no ads and promo in tv and english paper as that will only bring family auduence…

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