Billa 2 to release in 1200+ screens making it one of the biggest Tamil releases ever!

Get ready to Rewrite the Box-Office History

Sunir Kheterpal producer has atlast woken up and sent an official press release. It has his signature style more details.

He has confirmed July 13, as the release date. Highlights of Billa 2 is the 1st Ajith starrer to release Tamil and Telugu dubbed version simultaneously. Another important Highlight – Ajith’s Billa 2 is targeting worldwide release across 1200+ screens making it one of the biggest Tamil releases ever!

Sunir Kheterpal, CEO – IN Entertainment, says, “Billa 2 will have grand First look Function being planned in Chennai on July 1 / July 2,

The First look function on July 1/2 will kick-start the visual promotions of the Film across media platforms. (meaning new trailer)

Billa 2 is being readied for a wide simultaneous release in TN, Karnataka, AP, Kerala along with North India & International markets. It will release as “DAVID BILLA – The Beginning” in AP as a Telugu Dubbed Version.We are working with the Sub-distributors to generate wider audiences and a larger exposure to Tamil Films says Sunir Kheterpal.

Billa 2 will release with sub-titles in several countries. In France, will release on 10+ screens with French Sub-titles.

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  1. says

    Wow,great news for all Thala fans.we want this only.trailer release function june 1st or 2nd.very very happy, thanks to sunir sir.only one request sir,pls make a function in june 1(sunday)with Thala fans in nehru stadium or arrange a big place in chennai.we are all want to come to the function sir,we want to be a big.. lets see the crowed sir.pls do that.pls,

  2. Yanuy says

    Around additional 500 theaters they have lost due to poor planning ….

    What us the difference between yesterday chap Karthik with 1154 theaters and our thala with 1200 . Stupid producers spoiled the bigger game ..

    Still I hope we should all rock it and prove that we see billa 2 only for thala …

  3. saravanan says

    Happy news to see release date 13th July… Becz June 29th Spiderman worldwide release… July 6th Naan EE (Rajalmouli film) so Andrapradesh much expectation… so in telegu Billa releasing simultaneously then they pushed to July 13th… excellent move….

  4. fazil says

    its gud to hear all the news. we want trailers now, we will wait till july 2nd for promotions then we will wait till 12 of july

  5. Anwar says

    Saguni has collapsed within half a week. Tickets are available for all shows in Chennai multiplexes.

    Billa 2 has better songs than Saguni and no serious competition for the next four weeks. If it is successful, Billa 2 will rake in almost 160 crore at the box office. That means double Mankatha !


  6. Sureshpetro says

    Joo laaye! Allu arjun movie is getting released on 13th july in andhra..but anyhow billa2 gonna rock!

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