Huge Crowd to see Ajith at Bangalore

Ajith and Nayanthara were shooting for their upcoming untitled film directed by Vishnuvardhan in close proximity. And when Ajith fans gathered at the shooting spot to get a glimpse of the actor, it resulted in a huge commotion.

Fans tried to jump over the gate of the shooting spot and some even got on top of the vehicles. In the process, vehicles were damaged.

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  1. ajithveriyan says

    உலகநாயகன் 10 கல்லுல 2 மாங்கா அடிச்சாரு!! ( தசாவதாரம் ) சூப்பர் ஸ்டார் 2 கல்லுல 2 மாங்கா அடிச்சாரு!!! (எந்திரன்) நம்ம தல ஒரே அடி ! மரண அடி!!! மங்காத்தா டா ..
    thalad ???a evanda…. vijay fans pesama billa 2 poster ottungapa

  2. David'B' says

    i still remember at a time huge crowd to see a star goes to MGR at those time , then to our superstar Rajini…..and now to our modern MGR……our Thala…prove is in the picture.

  3. says

    The release of Billa 2 is continuously getting delayed. It was expected to hit screens on 29th June or 6th July, after the release of Saguni. There were also reports saying the release might be during the later part of July. Now we hear that the Ajith starrer might hit the screens in the mid July, probably on Friday the 13th July.

    The producers have also decided to release the film with an A certificate. But they said that the satellite rights of the film might go for a U/A.

  4. Arya Kerala says

    I am a big fan of thala. But this time i am very disappointed the release of Billa 2. Ascar films is not interested to release this movie. They are daily changed release date.After they acquire the distribution rights they changed dates… june 8,june 15, june 22 ,june 29 …………….july 13.Now ascar films is concentrate on the release of amazing spiderman. if they have no plan to release Billa 2. Viswaroopam release date is July 13. i am sure in Thla’s carrier large number of peoples are waiting for this movie.But the distributeres are playing there game to change release date.

  5. fazil says

    Dear thala
    Kindly inform the date of billa 2. dont make us to wait more.
    No updates at all.

  6. Sureshpetro says

    Reason for the delay:

    tamilnadu wise we dont n we never had any problem in releasin thala movie since he is the box office giant..we can releas it on any day…but as we know Billa 2 wil also released in telugu simultaneously as david billa, our producers dont want to releas d movie with telugu “naan E”..the director of that movie is hugely famous in telugu industry and it is gettin released on july my guess is oscar ravichndrn might have planned to releas the movie after the releas of telugu “naan E”,they considering andhra situation as well…

  7. Ram says

    Happy to hear finally thala is going to fight avainst viswaroopam as the release date for viswaroopam confirmed on 13 july. We wont get enuf theatres as viswaroopam will get more than us but stil for the 1st 1 week we need to watch billa for4 to 5 times then only our thala movie will get good opening. pls friends as we hav big competition with viswaroopam…

  8. says

    thala we sure that billa2 will make us happy and u very satisfied because u have done enough hard word for thala fans, thank you my dear thala.

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