Actor Krishna tweets about Thala 52nd Movie

* With Yuvan and Thale Ajith in Mumbai … :)

* I have been asked not to post a picture coz I can’t reveal thala’s look but will pos after his current look is revealed

* Ajith – Vishnu film is not remake of Bollywood film ‘Race’

* Had an amazing dinner and conversation last night with Ajith sir, Yuvan, Chakri Toleti, R.D. Rajsekar and Vidhuth.

* Ajith sir, the most humble n simple human being I’ve known. Again this morning we flew back together and had a great time. Watta man….

From Actor Ganesh Venkatraman:

Had a gr8 time chilling with Ajith sir, Chakri Toleti and Sunir Kheterpal on the sets of #Billa2 in bombay :). Had a sneak peak at the trailer too …just one word…Mind Blowing !!!”

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  1. Ashok says

    please release the stills of billa 2..
    and please made a official announcement of thala-vishnuvardan project…

  2. suba says

    i love u ajith .thala pola varuma thala is always best thala rockzzzzzzzzzzzzz………iam waiting for billa 2. how r u ? thala and u r family. anoushka ,shalini

  3. baskaran_malaysia says

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  4. baskaran_malaysia says

    Actor Krishna who is all geared to release his Kazhugu went on a two day trip to Mumbai recently to have a sneak-peek at the Billa 2 shooting. Music director Yuvan was also with him. Krishna says that he had a great time at the sets of the Billa and was able to share some lighter moments with Thala Ajith.

  5. baskaran_malaysia says

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  6. ravi says

    Guys great news is Billa 2 satellite rights brought by Suntv..So publicity would be very good. Producer Sunir tweeted me in twitter see below:-

    Sunir Kheterpal ‏ @SunirKheterpal
    Billa2 satellite rights are with sun tv

  7. Balaji says

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