Billa-2 girl speaks on Ajith Kumar

Thala has always been an admiration for everyone. Not merely for the fans, but for his co-stars as well. Hottie Bruna Abdullah from Bollywood isn’t an exception as she keeps praising Thala Ajith Kumar.

In an interview with a leading daily, she has said, “I am still into the memories of the first day I met Ajith Kumar. I saw the beautiful person walking with elegance and just introducing himself to me. He is such a humble person and so down-to-earth as he took scrutinizing efforts for helping me during shoots.

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  1. karthik says

    Top 10 : Tamil Actors Salary

    10) Jeeva
    For this low profile actor, the turn around success of Kho has made him step into the steep hike in his salary. Though he hails from the strong family of film production, Super Good films, Jeeva is the one who can fit any measured cloth and tailor made roles. He has no regrets over his flops and he does not rejoice on the winning streaks. But the industry feels other way that his future has to be adjudged on his upcoming movies. This could be true that the recent releases, Rowthiram and Vandan Vendran have not put Jeeva on the talk. His efforts in Kho have made him deserve Rs 1.5 crore. This may either increase or decrease and it lies on his action.
    Current Salary: 1.5 crores

    9) Simbu
    The find from Astavadhani T.Rajendran and the capable son proving the proverb, the chip of the old block, Simbu alias STR is a cocktail hero for any story. He has a different version of movie making and he does not compromise on quality for the story. Yet at times, he too dwells on action films just to focus himself to the inferior audience. If his career span is analysed, his action movies would have brought less wealth than the ones which he infused artistic touch like Manmathan. This could be further proved with the runaway success of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya. His next film Vaanam procured some relief for his action and now he is too involved in the Tamil remake of Hindi Dabaang titled Osthi. For many years, to say three years, STR receives Rs 5 crore as his pay.
    Current Salary: 5 crores

    8 ) Karthi
    An ideal sibling to the talented brother Surya, this assistant director turned-actor has worth behind his shoulder. In all these five years of his career spread his movie list might be less but the value is bigger. From the debut in Paruthiveeran, Karthi could emanate a sense of suitable actor for right story. His success move glided from Aayirathil Oruvan, Paiya, Naan Mahan Alla, Siruthai. The industry alludes him as one of the triumphant heroes in Tamil industry. Like his brother Surya, he too gets the rights for Telugu in addition to the salary of Rs 7 crore.
    Current Salary: 7 crores + Telugu Rights

    7) Dhanush
    The National Award winner started his career with his father’s own home production. Dhanush stepped up with care and shrewd applications. Counted on his movie list, his ebb would be less compared to the more lows. Continuous flops taught him good lesson and he is currently more thoughtful of select movies from efficient directors. His breakthrough came from Yaaradi Nee Mohini with Nayanthara. This could be vitrified in Aadukalam but Uthamaputhiran proved to be a futile exercise. Yet he signs movies at the pay package of Rs 7 crore.
    Current Salary: 7 crores

    6) Vikram
    This Chiyan Vikram is gradually expanding his path towards the peak of excellence and in recent years, his action films have not reached the mass. It seems that he is heading for a saturation on action as he sketched his career on ratio ‘ for every two or three action movies one artistic movie-. It is needless to say that his recent projects in two years ‘ Anniyan and Kandasamy ‘ received big jolts. These two films have dumped his early success like Saami, Dhool. From Beema, the decline started until some revival in Deiva Thirumagal. He has now turned back to his old style for action. His current salary is around Rs 10 crore without any further deals.
    Current Salary: 10 crores

    5) Kamal
    Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan is the one artist who lives and acts for the art. He is not conscious of his salary structure but is fond of fame which is invaluable. To say the truth, he is committed to improve the Tamil film industry and for this sake he is ready to take any challenge and face hindrances. Though he is not able to reach the stardom scale on his varied themes and characters, he too is in the top list of richly paid heroes. He does not receive any rights for any area rather he releases his own production on his own. In all accounts, he gets Rs 10 ‘ 15 crore for a movie but he is flexible to the nature of the theme.
    Current Salary: 10 ‘ 15 crores

    4) Surya
    The flawless hero is on the steep rise almost for the past 5 years. With all his films assuring minimum profit, the producers do not hesitate to book him. Surya too is not avaricious to sign for many films since he feels that he has a vision on his career. To be brief, Surya is choosy about the movies to sign up and is more particular about the theme. He has the intention to do just two films a year but it does depend on the project. After Varanam Aayiram, he made a hat-trick with two action films ‘ Ayan and Aadhavan. Singam’s tremendous collection at the Box Office took Surya into the new heigh. The producers ran into amuck with treasures and additional wealth. Surya receives Rs 15 crore as salary and gets the Telugu rights in addition.
    Current Salary: 15 crores + Telugu Rights

    3) Vijay
    This Ilayathalapathi had been the sure winner in the race for many years. But as ill luck would have it he had to face the debacle with few films two years ago. This changed the trend in the industry and he had to resort to offensive strategies to overcome the flaw. What makes Vijay differ from other two top contenders, Ajith & Surya, is the penetration among all ages of audience. His simple rendering of action in his movies win him laurels and his sense of humor bring the women audience to the fore. For nearly 80% of his films, he has settled the score by brining fortunes for the producers and the distributors. This is why the distributors had once paid full amount as advance even on the day of pooja for the new film. Now his salary structure stands at Rs 15 crore and since he has a good cinema family background with his father being director, Vijay has the practice of receiving the rights for North Arcot, South Arcot and Chennai (which is usually referred as NSC areas).
    Current Salary: 15 crores + NSC Rights

    2) Ajith
    This Kadhal Mannan is ever the proprietary of speculative collection. At times he offers rich movies like Billa but none can predict the outcome of his movies. Yet, he is the second to Rajni in terms of remuneration for his career. He started his career slowly and in tune with the saying Slow and steady wins the race, he has stabilized his position. For many years, he had been the darling of A centre audience and gradually moved to other centres. His affinity with NIC Arts made him the friendly hero and from this house he gave many films.
    Without minding the result of the movies, Ajith does not compromise on the remuneration. His talent show has just been emancipated with the latest Mankatha which has made the whirlwind collection to the distributors and the theatre owners. Though his movies flop at times, he is the most sought after hero after Super star. This is due to the reason that all his films have excellent openings and the fans are craze to adore the Thala. The industry claims that Ajith’s salary is somewhere Rs 17 crore and with the result of Mankatha lifting him to anything else, his salary may near that of superstar soon.
    Current Salary: 17 crores

    1) Rajinikanth
    It is to be noted that superstar Rajnikanth has a different scheme of acting for movies. Earlier he had the practice of making movies for nearly 4 or 5 co-producers by making them wealthy and richer. However, he had to be shelled out his salary to the tune of Rs 20 crore, in addition to certain area rights including overseas. Of late, he makes the deal for exclusive salary and do not enter into any rights basis. On this account the industry sources claim that Rajnikanth’s current remuneration would be around Rs 25 ‘ 30 crores.
    Yes, the producers are too willing to bet on these green horse hoping to reap the utmost harvest. Yet, the producer must be ready and affordable to spend that much of money without any hitch or hindrance. After Chandramuki which made Sivaji films regain the lost wealth, Rajni procured much coffer to the producers of Sivaji and Enthiran. Since the ensuing Rana happens to be his home production from his daughter Soundarya being one of the co producers, it is to be yet known what would Rajni receive as remuneration.
    Current Salary: 25 ‘ 30 crores


    அஜித் ரசிகர்கள் அனைவரும் ஓட்டு போடவும் நீங்க இந்த வெப் சைட்டில் ஒருமனி நேரத்துக்கு ஒரு ஓட்டு போடலாம்

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