Thala’s honest gesture at Chennai Airport

Thala Ajith Kumar may disband his fans club, he may request his fans to stop raising banners for him. Even then, the fans circle keeps expanding. The actor is a real life hero as he ritually sticks to discipline, punctuality and honesty. As we all know that he is so kind hearted and very much friendly with the crew members including the assistants.

This noon, he did something that surprised everyone in the Chennai airport. The actor along with the assistant director of Chakri Toleti was flying down to abroad for the shooting for ‘Billa-2’. After seeing Thala Ajith Kumar, the airport officials immediately asked him to cross the line. But Thala refused to do so and stood in queue along with the public for 40mins.

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  1. Thala rockssssssssssss

  2. Thala thala thaan

  3. Thalaiku eedu thalathan, a real human being

  4. Mahinda(Billa2lk) says:

    every one knows Ajith sir is a kind heart,moral and discipline person.
    no words to explain hi’s human dignity.

  5. Mahinda(Billa2lk) says:

    Dear Ajith sir,
    I have watched your all movies,each 20 times but I love you very much apart from an actor.
    I love your personal life character because I m following in your personal life character.

  6. did anyone have that pic????????????

  7. thalaya adichuka yaarum ila. thala thala than

  8. ** That’s Thala a man for power and perfect. The King Maker


  9. OH!!!, it needs a mind and mindset like you Thala!

  10. Billa lokesh says:

    Hi thala fans
    the real life hero thala ajith.gud human beind
    thala rocks

  11. Thala Veriyan says:

    We salute Citizen Ajith

    Ajith has no starry airs about him.

    He is undoubtedly among the top five stars in Kollywood and can afford to throw his weight around.

    Still the guy is humble and behaves like an ordinary man.

    Early Monday (Nov 21) morning, the star was off to Eastern Europe for the third schedule of his Chakri Toleti directed Billa 2. He was in Chennai airport to take a connecting flight via Dubai.

    Ajith after checking in his baggage at the airline counter went for the security check-up and joined the mile long queue. The airport officials on seeing Thala went up to him and offered to take him straight to the security hold.

    Ajith, smiled and politely refused to jump the line and waited for nearly 30 minutes along with other passengers. Please note lessor known stars and politicians with their clout with the airport police would have walked through security and boarded the flight.

    Remember that Ajith never jumps the line and prefers to stand behind serpentine queues to cast his vote, unlike other stars. Thala is truly a role model as a gentleman citizen, and has constantly refused to cash in on his stardom.

  12. thala thalathan ,thala pola varuma

  13. Ajith is so gentle …….. i like him so much

  14. the real hero in the field

  15. hai

  16. Thala rocks:)

  17. THALA ku thalaganam kidayathu my role model thala

  18. wat a simple human…thala always great….i never seen gentleman like u thala….i love u so much….i’m proud abt ur fan……

  19. Ungala madhiri endha nadikarum.. u r real star..

  20. che venkat says:

    this y im a thala fan…

  21. karthik daasn says:

    it may look a very simple matter to be considered as a news.. but practically a lot of gut is needed in that situtation to say NO FOR INDISCIPLINE act..and to be really genuine.. thala have that and that,z y his fan chain is increasing film by film, though he adviced to cancel the fans clubs.. let us learn all this from him, and not to stop only by admiring him.. LOVE U THALA..


  23. nan romba perumai paduren thala rasigana irukuradhula

  24. thannambikkai, thannadakkam, thanivazhi, engal thala daaaaaaaaaaaa. thala vaalga.

  25. he is a realgentleman

  26. THALANADU Balaji says:

    THALA thaladhan pa.. no one can stand near our thala…

  27. Machi thala super

    The great man with his great rules……..

  28. Arvind(kolkata) says:

    Athanaal thaan naanga thala nu sollurom!

  29. it,s great man i am very proud thala says thala fan evrey one

  30. Thala unvazhiae engal vazhium live and letlive

  31. S.Varunkumar says:

    Tamil natin thala

  32. Jaaffer Sadiq says:

    Sethaaalum Thala rasiganaaga

  33. Thats why I like Him…………

  34. A perfect gentleman. Love u thala. Ummmmmmmmmmah.

  35. Next superstar ajith no next ultimatstar

  36. he is a good actor,good husband,good father .he must reduce his weight.

  37. Thala u r real life hero…i am proud to be thala fan….

  38. Thala is one of the best actor in the tamil industry

  39. thala is not only a good actor but he is also good role model for us, we fans have to try to follow him

  40. fans follow this and prove we are real ajith sir fans. All the best THALA

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