Billa-2 villain awe-stricken about Thala

Vidyut Jammwal is the latest sensation in town as the Bollywood actor makes his debut in Kollywood through the movie ‘Billa-2’. Since the makers wanted someone equally powerful as Thala, they opted him in for the project.

The Hindi actor is very much fascinated working with Thala Ajith Kumar as he says, “It’s an honor to face Thala Ajith. You guys wait and watch, how it’s gonna be a thundering action sequences as they are into the new level. The training is going on vigorously and the training is super hard. Just like others, even I am a Thala fan as I admire his qualities, especially his integrity. Apart from being a good looking man, he is a superb man too…”

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  1. abdul hameed says

    thala,we are waiting for ur sequel movie. which is billa 2 i think this will be the costliest film for u, i wish u could do better.all the best for u.

    yours faithfully
    abdul hameed

  2. says

    வில்லன் நடிப்புக்கு அஜீத் சமமாக எந்த பயலும் வர முடியாது வில்லன் அஜீத்
    (எ.கா) வில்லன் வாலி மங்காத்தா

  3. says

    All people who calls themself a AjithFan, listen. I want to Make Billa2 to be the biggest hit of, not only in tamil also in India. So I’m going to see Billa2 more than 5 times so don’t waste money by spending it in cut outs and banners. That’s for nothing. To show your love see the movie in theater many times not in CDs. Use the money in that way.

  4. Prince Praveen says

    Release the film soon.i saw in a website that thala want to act in a movie with double role as billa david & mankatha vinayak.just think of this will it be.this two guys are very danger.then how will it be when this two guys meet each other in screen.ajith vs ajith.

  5. Billa lokesh says

    Hi vidyut welcome to our tamil cinema.u dont worry u act with thala.dnty u rock in tamil cinema all the best.
    Thala veriyan

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