Thala’s mind blowing action scenes in ‘Billa-2’

Thala is making sure that nothing goes wrong with ‘Billa-2’ and it stands out on top much on pars like ‘Billa’. The action sequences were shot in Goa and it was during that time we heard that he was injured. But within few hours, he is back in action and is rocking to core with action sequences. Thala’s wife Shalini has expressed that the injury was just minor and Thala got back to the shooting spot soon.

Assistant director Sitara Suresh has mentioned that he cannot resist over sharing his awestruck moment of Ajith Kumar working on action sequences. Then it is Bruno Abdullah, actress of the film, who is super excited and says, ‘Mark my words – Billa 2 is going to come soon and is rock on like anything over the top.

Director Chakri had earlier mentioned most period of shooting will be spent on action sequences.

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  1. says

    soldiers pls dont giveup keep on watch mankatha more times then oly v reach 100 days. theaters running satyam,escape,abirami,albert,inox,pvr,maayajal and more pls watch in theaters for 100 days.

  2. says

    Thala 1st yalam billa na rajini sir yapagam varum epa billa navay cina kulathai la irthu yalarukumay ne tha thala billa oru thalaivan sariya irtha antha kuttam sariyana vali la nadakum yagalakum thala ne irukum pothu yana kavala thala unakaga yapumay naga irupom thala uire ya kuda kudupom…

  3. ssssss says

    hey guys,wen we see d the pics tat our fans have posted from the billa2 shooting in goa it seems Thala hasnt reduced his weight still:-(i saw a still some time back and in that thala was looking slim and its stated tat it is for billa2,bt here it seems thala hasnt reduced his weight:-( and its a prequel and it has to match up to billa 2007 nly then it wil go big as v want it to be,any thoughts on tis?

  4. Kumar.M(MDRF) says

    Billa 2 will be suuuuuperb hit:):):):):) i am longing to see thala in billa 2….Tamil cinema is your playground….ur the only champion…..vilayadu thala…vilayadu…..i am ur ardent You

  5. S.H.Shabarish says

    Hi SSSSSS, I am acknowledging your comments. Already most of the childrens have started to call Thala as Grandfather. So thala has to reduce his weight. Otherwise…? And also one important point I like to know why Thala is acting the films like Billa-2, Indian-2…? Already Billa is the remake. Then why? Don’t he have talent than other actors? My request to Thala to select good commercial films which should be cover by all the centres. Can we get assurance from him?

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