Billa-2 Smart, Young and Sleek

It looks like a film’s verdict isn’t? Of course, when ‘Thala’ is there in a film, it would surely bag such superlative adjectives on its review. But this is all about the looks of our Thala in this film. Yes, Ajith Kumar might have looked little aged with salt and pepper looks. Naturally our Thala looks best and stunning in any looks. He will be abruptly changing his look in the upcoming film ‘Billa-2′ that is slated to go on floors from next month.

‘Mankatha’ is now on the last leg of shooting and an actioon packed sequence involving almost all the stars is scheduled to be filmed. But Ajtih Kumar is more focussed on the preproduction works of ‘Billa-2′ as well.

‘Billa-2′ is directed by Chakri Toleti while our Thala is having his participation in script, screenpaly, dialogues and direction as well.

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  1. says

    thala thala
    reall life super star thala
    if u decrease the weight and become an rock star thala means
    sure ur beauty
    ur mass
    ur style
    ur smart
    ur cute
    ur guts
    ur realistic
    ur fame
    ur walk
    ur look
    ur sight
    ur smile
    ur turn
    everything ‘l beat everybody even hollywood super stars ‘l become ur kaal dhusi thala
    my thala is the reall super star forever

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