Ajith Kumar worshipped as Demi God

With Ultimate Star’s ‘Aegan’ making high waves across the boundaries of the entire globe, the fans are on the seventh heaven fleeting with high excitements… Over here we have presented with the gala celebrations hosted by the fans of different places. Satya Nagar ‘Citizen’ fans, Bangalore ‘Aasai Nayagan’ Ajith fans at Bangalore and many more in Kerala. These fans rocked the theatres with more and more best of all celebrations by adoring the cut-outs of Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar with milk, beer, breaking of Coconuts, Prayers with Aarthi Pooja and more.

Ajithfans.com brings you the exclusive pictures and videos of the gala celebrations for our viewers….

If you have Theater celebrations videos, pictures etc. Kindly mail us to [email protected] We will review the content and Publish it in Ajithfans.com.

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  • We at Ajithfans.com wish Shalini Ajith Kumar a Happy Birthday


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