Official announcement from Ajith Kumar on Sri Lankan Tamil Issue

With Ultimate Star’s ‘Aegan’ witnessing grand opening all through the World, the star announces his official statement on the controversial issue of Sri Lankan Tamil issue. In an exclusive interview with Galatta, Ajith Kumar has expressed his personal views. Speaking on the occasion, Ajith Kumar says, “First, I regret very much deeply for the troubles faced by Tamilians in Sri Lanka. I would like to say that my sympathy and prayers are with the suffering and troubled Tamils in Sri Lanka. My heart goes out to them and I pray that there is a solution to the issue so that their suffering ends at the earliest”.

Also added that as an actor my aim is to entertain to my fans offering them great delightedness. “I believe that our political party leaders are so good in handling this issue and they would surely settle down this issue so amicably.

“I have been in touch with my producer ‘London’ Karunaas for past 1.5 years and we have been sharing our grievous anxiety for the innocent lives. Once again, I believe in the Almighty our Maker and I pray for a solution to end this crisis and the suffering of Tamils in Sri Lanka at the earliest”…

In the most centres at overseas, Ajith’s ‘Aegan’ witnessed some problems of violations due to Nakeeran Weekly having been pulling Ultimate Star into waters of troubles…

Nevertheless, with our Thala rendering this statement, things would have been clear that he would be wholeheartedly taking part in Artiste’s Protest on November 1.

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So don’t believe in baseless rumors created by cheap magazines.

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