Heartily thanks for Raju Sundaram

Hip Hip Hooray! Raju Sundaram excels in presenting ‘Thala’ with the best parts. He holds special attention of making our Thala successful with the same credits that he had won for ‘Billa’. Today the film has been released all over the World and so far none have seen Ajith Kumar so fantastically. Lots of enthusiasm in him, fun, frolic, comedy, action, romance and more…

Wow! Raju Sundaram has completely changed the storyline of Bollywood flick ‘Main Hoon Naa’ and there are much innovative stuff introduced by him in this film.

A splendid fabulous work by Raju Sundaram makes Thala’s film more successful across the globe.

Thanks to you Raju Sundaram! Brim up with some more ideas and make flicks with Ajith…

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