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Aegan – Thala rocks uniquely

Banner: Ayngaran International
Production: London Karunaas
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: Raju Sundaram
Star-casts: Ajith Kumar, Nayanthara, Suman, Navdeep, Piyaa, Nasser, Suhasini, Sriman, Jayaram, Haneefa and many others.
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Arjun Jena

For those, who had all yearned to watch Thala’s Aegan after the grand success of Billa, here comes a great delight. Ultimate Star turns out to be a ‘Navarasa Nayagan’ with this film. Yup! In Billa, you could have Ajith Kumar as an international criminal and so there weren’t much to deal with entertainment factors. But over here, as an internationally top-charting cop transformed into a college student, Thala has exposed his never seen before talents of best potentials.

Shiva (Ajith) is a stunning cop and you can get it well known with his introduction scene in Hong Kong. Being a mighty person, he shatters down the mafia chief with no efforts. His step-father Karthik (Nasser), police commissioner says- “He is a one-man army, who trusts only his gun”. Wow! That’s what is revealed throughout the intro parts. But then, the story slowly transcends into fun loving ambience.

This begins when Siva is offered to accomplish a different mission – that is about trapping an international criminal John Chinnapa (Suman), whose eyes are fixed on killing his former team member Ram Prasad (Devan) as he turns into a police approver. Ram is in hiding somewhere in Ooty where his daughter Priya (Piaa) is studying in St. John’s College. As an undercover agent, he has to enter the college as a student of developing friendliness with Piyaa and trapping her father’s locations.

Soon as Shiva joins the college, we have whole lots of new characters introduced; a mirthful principal (Jayaram) and a navy guy (Sathyan) and group of students including Priya’s lover Narain (Navdeep), later about whom it is revealed that he is Siva’s step-brother.

Of course, for the greatest excitement, we have alluring professor Mallika (Nayanthara) and Siva falling in love at first sight.

Rest of the film is about grand fiestas of extreme fun, dance, song, action, romance, emotions and more.

As mentioned earlier, Thala rocks throughout the film with his surprising show. The most ever best part that would make non-fans of Ultimate star applaud more is where he sings ‘Unnai Partha Pinbu Naan’ from Kadhal Mannan as he sings at Nayanthara. The stunts scenes at the introduction part are marvelous and mind blowing as he looks similar to Al Pacino. But, it looks a magical transcendence as he goes slim in the following scenes. His dancing steps in ‘Hey Saala’ and ‘Odum Varayil’ are scintillating.

Nayanthara as gorgeous missy steals the show with her half-saris and sleeveless blouse. Jayaram and Haneefa stride with excellent comedy tracks while Suman goes perfect as a comedy villain and his combo with Sriman are rib-trickling. Nasser and Suhasini do justice to their role and ditto to Navdeep and Piyaa.

Musical score by Yuvan Shankar Raja offers more strength to the film and same credit for cinematographer Arjun Jena for capturing best exotic locations of Ooty.

Punch dialogues are matching for the Thala and goes hand in with the film…

On the whole, Aegan is a thriller packed action comedy with commercial elements. It’s not just for Thala fans, but a film to watch and enjoyed by everyone for the festive occasion.

Verdict: Top-notched Dhamaka by Thala

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