Thala’s Aegan Visual Promo Rocks

The biggest of all Dhamaka for the fans of Thala! Guess what it could be from….

We bring you the first forever sizzling trailer of Ultimate Star’s ‘Aegan’. The video trailer of 2mins is completely sizzling with lots of style factors from Ajith and sensuous Nayanthara. Of course, it has lots of fun, frolic and action. Punch dialogues uttered by Thala goes this way… “Villanukku Na Villan” and “Bayanthavan Irukka Mattan” are sure to rock at theatres….

Suman plays the baddie here, Nasser as police inspector assigns Ajith to go as undercover agent to college and Jayaram with Cochin Hanifa takes on the stand of comedy actors….

We just not bring you to watch the exclusive trailer just on, but we are much offering you the access to download it for your PC, I-pods and mobiles…

So, what makes you take on hold? Go ahead and just to do it with a surf…

Watch Online – Aegan Trailer – Duration 1.59mins

Aegan Movie Trailer in Ajithfans.Com’s Blog Section – Watch Online

Aegan Movie Trailer for your PC

Aegan Movie Trailer for your Ipod

Aegan Movie Trailer for your Mobilephone

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