Billa rocks with advancing bookings

Billa rocks with advancing bookings

Pic Info : Actor Ajith Kumar

Hip Hip Hooray! Good tidings to Ajith fans for those who have viewed preview screening of Billa are sprouting rave reviews. They are all sure that Billa would create a great imprint in the history of Kollywood. The booking plans for the movie opened up in Chennai on December 10 and it follows Rajni starrer Sivaji in advance booking. Tickets in all theatres are full till next Friday in multiplexes and other theatres of Chennai.

Especially in multiplexes like Sathyam, Abhirami Mega Mall the tickets are reserved for next days despites increase of shows in more auditoriums.

Bookings for next Friday will open in all theatres only on coming Monday……..

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  1. NAKULAN says

    உலகு எங்கும் மிகவும் பிரபல்யம் பெற்ற “தி எக்கொனமிஸ்ற்” என்ற சஞ்சிகை முதற்தடவையாக தமிழீழத்தின் வரைபடத்தை உலக வரைபடத்தில் குறிப்பிட்டு வரைந்துள்ளது.

  2. Siva, Dubai says

    Billa movie verdict is out. I saw the movie in dubai today 4p.m. The movie is very very sincere remake of old billa. No twist.
    Apart from that the movie is presented in a stylish manner.

  3. vetri says

    i am a diehard fan just now saw the film though the film is stylish,and the entire unit has rocked the director could have increased ajiths sequence and dialogues in the film.
    anyway it wud be a hit tats sure

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