Nee Varuvai Ena


Nee Varuvai Ena (நீ வருவாய் என) is a Tamil language film starring Parthiban and Devayani in lead roles. Ajith Kumar and Ramesh Khanna also play important roles.Tamil cinema abounds with movies where lackluster direction and treatment have ruined material that probably sounded promising on the drawing board. En Swaasa Kaatre and Kaadhalar Dhinam are two recent examples that spring to mind. First-timer Erajakumaran illustrates the opposite in Nee Varuvaai Ena, proving that a strong script, a good screenplay and skilful direction can rescue a movie which depends on basically a ludicrous theme. Taking a rather silly central point, he weaves two vastly different but equally interesting love stories around it, resulting in an end product that is entertaining overall. Ganesh(Parthiban), the product of a Mudaliar-Gounder intercaste marriage, loses several prospective brides due to this and spends his time dreaming of marriage. On a busride to Chingleput to take up a promotion as bank manager, he is involved in an accident. The scene shifts to three months later when he finally shows up at Chingleput. Nandini(Devayani), living in the house opposite his, showers affection on him, giving him coffee, providing him with hot water, etc. But when he with his parents, visits her to talk about marriage, she rejects him. Revealing the real reason behind her attachment to Ganesh, she tells him of her ill-fated love affair with army officer Subramani(Ajith). Eager to send him on his way, Nandini sends a letter in Ganesh’s name to Ganesh’s home, accepting the latest girl they picked for him and Ganesh returns home to find arrangements for his wedding in full swing. Coincidentally, the girl turns out to be someone(Suvalakshmi) he had dreamed of marrying during his pre-Nandini days.

Even if the reason for Devayani having a soft spot for Parthiban is overly cinematic, the director has the surprise element working for him. The viewer is kept guessing about the reason right till the last moment. The same factor is seen again during the concluding portions of the movie. I admit to being completely clueless about the way things would proceed from the moment Parthiban finds out that he is going to marry Suvalakshmi. I know suspense is not a term one usually associates with tamil movies(a case in point is the murder-mystery Malabaar Police where the requisite suspense was virtually non-existent), especially a movie like this. But the proceedings here are actually suspenseful and unlike the typical tamil movie, tough to predict. The resolution too is sensible and stands right up there with the climax in Aanandha Mazhai for elevating the quality of the movie as a whole.

The director shows a flair for comedy with some funny sequences and dialogs throughout the movie. Ramesh Khanna worrying about the past of the house they stay in and Ajith and his parents attending a feast in Devayani’s house are two notable episodes handled efficiently. There is also a smaller scene where a man comes to the bank to make a deposit that is funny solely because of the clever dialogs. The script is a major strength of the movie with several memorable lines. And the final dialog of Parthiban, though rivalling Vijay’s climactic discourse in Nenjinile for longevity, includes many strong lines. One bad slip-up the director makes is the scene where Parthiban drinks and shouts in front of Devayani’s house. Seen in several movies and included probably to allow Parthiban to deliver some dialogs in his trademark style, it is unnecessary, boring and just cheapens the movie.

Parthiban plays a down-to-earth role with less of his usual snide remarks. Ajith looks smart and comes in a role that will probably make every girl wish for a husband like him and every parent wish for a son-in-law like him. But with his boyish looks, he looks more like a school boy in a fancy dress competition when he wears the army dress. Devayani looks jaded through most of the movie but impresses as the innocent bride-to-be, in love with Ajith. Ramesh Khanna, who appears in almost as many scenes as Parthiban, has a strong role and makes full use of it(as he did in Unnidathil Ennai Koduthen). Suvalakshmi has a tiny guest role without any dialogs.

S.A.Rajkumar delivers a pleasant soundtrack[1] with Oru Devadhai…, Paarthu Paarthu… and Poonguyil Paattu…. One song(starting with the Suprabatham tune), with scenes of a spinning top, is innovatively picturised. But he creates sort of a record for using songs from other movies during various scenes!

Directed by: Rajakumaran
Produced by : Super Good Films R.B.Choudary
Written by: Rajakumaran
Starring : Parthiban, Ajith Kumar, Devayani, Ramesh Khanna
Music by: S.A. Rajkumar
Editing by : B. Suresh, R.Baskar