Music Review – Vaali

Vaali Music Review

Music: Deva
Direction: S. J. Surya
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Released: August 98

This album has 5 tracks

One word can describe this album by Deva. Unbelievable! I was pleasantly surprised. Deva has relied on the latest hype in tamil music to attract the younger audience. Believe me, he will succeed with this album. Just superb from the first song to the last.

Now for the tracks: First song, Ghee priya sung by SPB and Swarnalatha is not bad! I will give it a 5/10! The second song, Nilavai sung by Unnikrishnan and Anuradha Sriram is good. Deva has used Anu’s deep voice very well in this song! Both western and eastern music go hand in hand in this melody! I will give this a 7/10! Third song, Vaanil Kaayuthai sung by Mano and Anuradha Sriram. Wow! 7/10! Music is really superb. Deva has really excelled, you have to listen to this song. Forth Song, April Mathil by Unnikrishnan and Harini, the best in the album! 9.5/10! When both these singers join, it is always lethal and they have done it again. Especially the humming is really nice and Deva has thrown in conversation in the middle of the song. Lyrics are very good! The last song, sung by Hariharan, and Ajithkumar is superb! 9/10! You have to listen to believe it!!!!

Well, I found it so hard to believe this was a Deva album! It was excellent! ARR, you have a big time competition now! All you music lovers, this album is a worth the buy! So go for it and enjoy. Anyone who likes Unnikrishnan and Hariharan, must definitely buy this album.

– Sivabalan

NagasubramaniaN’s Flat Thumb Rating

Hi all. I heard the review for this Vaali album was published in this site and only then got the cassette & now I am here to give my review. As far as Deva is concerrned, this is a good work for him. But i am not convinced that this album is as great as the previous review states. I’ll rate this album 5/10.

Sona Sona is a good song. The dialogues in the middle of the song are good & romantic. Music in that piece simply steals the heart. But the main disadvantage of the song is that the tune is not as good as Deva’s previous songs of this type – such as Konja Naal Poru Thalaiva. One ghost voice (sounds like ARR) which sings the actual Pallavi of the song is very nice. But this song doesn’t seem to be romantic as it is supposed to be. Vairamuthu has done his work neatly in Nilavai kondu vaa. Unni krishnan has become a master in singing these type of songs – particularly in Deva’s music. Anu sounds manly which is a good idea. In general this song is a nice one. A veena bit in the middle of the song (Bharathiyar’s Kaakkai Chiraginile) is very nice. Hats off to Deva.

As usual, April maathaththil, is a good one with Unni krishnan & Harini making the song melodic & rhythmic. Tune is great. I’ll rate this song the best in this album & one of Deva’s top ten. Vaanil kaayuthe is a mano – Anu number. This has the same disadvantage as Sona, Sona as the tune is not attractive. I think this song needs no more ‘vimarsanam’

Geepriya (enna arththam ithukku vairamuthu sir ?) is a good one. But the problem is there is nothing special in this song. SPB & Swarnalatha sing as always & the song sounds like it was dubbed from Telugu. Not a great number, but also not a bad one

In general, I’ll rate this album as a moderate one. Deva should bring more melodic tunes & I think he can.