Music Review – Uyirodu Uyiraga

Uyirodu Uyiraga Music Review

Music: Vidyasagar
Direction: Sushma
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

This album has 6 tracks

It is truly a pity that a music director of Vidyasagar’s calibre cannot get past the Tamil Film Music’s glass ceiling. With his return in 1994 into Tamil cine field with Jaihindh, Vidyasagar has matured into a great musician that enjoyable songs like Aye Shabba (Karna), Adi Aathi (Pasum Ponn) or Vaaraai En Thozhiye (Arasiyal) have become part of the Vidyasagar album ‘staple diet.’ It is rather unfortunate that such a talented musician has yet to win a single prestigious award in Tamilnadu, neither for his melodious compositions nor for his ability to provide never-ending listening pleasure to Tamil film music fans. Hopefully 1998 will carry Vidyasagar to greater heights where he might sign some films that actually do well at the box office and give him the needed and deserved recognition. I, for one, wish him plenty of luck for 1998, as the beginning with Uyirodu Uyiraaga looks incredibly impressive.

Like Subash, Shengotai and Arasiyal, to name a few, the Uyirodu Uyiraaga soundtrack is an excellent blend of masala and melody music. With the bhangra beat background, Nandhini appears to have truly enjoyed herself singing I Love You with K.K. Surely, everyone will go ‘kikklidhaakka’ for this song soon. Despite what the world might say, Vairamuthu still impresses people who are happy with simple things in life, aka lyrics like Appa sattai podaavittaal magal-aai irundhu yenna payan? Aadai meedhu sindhaamal Ice Cream yenna payan.. NOTHING!.. Actually, Nothing is a very interesting lift from Muththamma Muththamma from Super Police, but you have to give to Harini. She makes anything and everything sound good these days!.. Kaattula mazhai!..

I continue to be reminded of Bhoomiye from Shengottai, when I listen to Anbe Anbe by Hariharan and Chitra. Both songs have an incredibly soothing effect on the listener, a goal which Vidyasagar seems to be achieving regularly these days. Thought Udith Narayan was bad with Tamil pronunciation, listen to Mr. Ganshyam Vaswani in Nadhi Yenge, you will change your mind. (Maybe we can mail him ‘tamil lessons’ as a gift certificate for Tamil New Year’s Day :-) Which leaves us with a slow and melodious number in Poovukkellaam with K.K. and Srinivas taking the cake with their excellent vocals and Harini providing the thakka thikku thaa thaa during one of the interludes. Vanna KiLi vaguely resembles MaNamagale from Devar Magan in parts but makes a drastic Devadas-type turn, which makes it less likeable.

I was lucky to have heard the songs earlier on audio tape that I grabbed the first opportunity to buy the Jeans-Uyirodu Uyiraaga CD combination, knowing the high quality of music I would be listening to. These kind of CD combinations are rare these days, that’s for sure!

For new director Sushma’s sake, for Ajeethkumar’s (bad slump!) sake and above all, for Vidyasagar’s melodious and enjoyable music’s sake, Uyirodu Uyiraaga should enjoy all the merits of box office success when it releases this year.

– Sandya