Music Review – Unnai Thedi

Unnai Thedi Music Review

Music: Deva
Direction: Sundar C..
Lyrics: Pazhani Bharathi, Kalaikumar, Ravisankar

Unnai Thaedi, the upcoming Sundar C.. film, has music by Deva replacing Karthik Raja, who did the music honors in his last movie Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar. As in the case of Sundar C. movies, Pazhani Bharathi has done most of the lyric work in this album.

The next song, NaaLai Kaalai/Dhachayani Dhaiyavu Sei, is a peppy number, with Hariharan trying to do SPB tricks. His voice is too stiff to do gimmicks of this sort, and I feel either Unnikrishnan or SPB should have been much better. But the song itself is very unique and catchy. Deva has tuned this song really well and with smooth and adequate orchestrations. Lyrics by Pazhani Bharathi are adequate. Next song, pOraaLe pOraaLe, again by Hariharan, has shades of folk music. Once again Hariharan is not suitable for such songs, but Deva compensates with good beats and lovely orchestrations. What else you can say, you got to have at least five songs in a film, and not all of them are going to be chart toppers. Next song is Oyilaa Oyilaa with Mano and Krishnaraj doing singing for a change. This song may grow on you in a while, but frankly it is sad to see a singer of Mano’s caliber being wasted in songs like this. What he can expect to do, where even the likes of SPB are increasingly being ignored!..

The next song, MaaLavika MaaLavika, with Hariharan and Chitra doing great job, is the best song of this album. This song sounds close to Needhaana, but is different. Deva is continuously getting better at giving smooth orchestrations and this song with a lovely tune, will make you hum it for days to come. Hariharan loves songs like this, and with Chitra, you have got a winning combination. Special mention to the lyricist Kalai Kumar – who looks like a good new find. FYI, he also penned the recent hit song, Edho Oru Paattu in the movie Unnidaththil Ennai Koduthaen. As a tailpiece this song appears to be rehashed from ManadhukkuLe Oru Nandhalaalaa (Devaraj), also another Deva number.

The last song of this album is Kaattraaga Varuvaayo performed by a new comer Naveen. His voice sounds like Hariharan and Suresh Peters rolled in to one. He could not do much in this dance number, but Deva will impress listeners with good use of flute samples. I won’t be surprised, if Deva has been listening to lot of Jethro Tull albums, but why do we have to complain, if he is going after the best to copy.

Overall this album adheres to Deva’s recent standards, but too much use of Hariharan is bound to bring the enjoyment level down. Furthermore, Hariharan should stop singing all kind of songs, as more albums like these will bring his downfall soon. I have to say the songs sound too soft for a Sundar C. movie. So we may be expecting a love story instead of his usual fun-filled ones. That indeed will be welcome change, or may be not. Why can’t we wait and see?

– Hariharan Easwaran