Music Review – Kadhal Mannan

Kadhal Mannan Music Review

Music: Bharadhwaj
Direction: Charan
Released: Nov. 97 (Audio)

This album has 6 tracks

The 1990s will probably carry into history as the decade when the most number of tamil film music directors entered the cine field. With the Shahs, Sivas, Udhayas, Swararajs, and Anands, enters Bharadwaj. A rather low key debut in Venkateswaralayam’s maiden venture, Kaadhal Mannan. Director Charan, a newcomer himself to the field, is awefully excited about what is in store for fans when they listen to Kaadhal Mannan’s music. Frankly, there isn’t very much. Unnai Parththa Pinbu by S.P.Balasubramaniam makes you wonder why he should be singing such songs anymore. Moreover, most of the song remains disjointed with the instruments playing in an unrelated manner to the overall emotion of the song. Same is true of Thiloththamma sung by Bharadwaj and Anupama. The song seems to be going in a certain direction (or so it appears) and before you know it, the instruments have changed and all musical patterns remain unrecognizable. But not to take too much away, there are a few salvaging factors: Kanni Penngal, which displays itself to be the intro song to Ajeethkumar’s character in the film, sung by Febi Mani and Ada Ali Azad is worth a listen or two! M.S.Vishwanathan’s song with the lyrics, Naan Mess-u Kiss-u rendum therinja Vishwanathan-daa is humorous and keeps your attention for a few minutes. Hariharan and Chitra make the best out of Vaannum Mannum. Deva-vukku neram! That is all I can say about his song, Maarimuththu Maarimuththu, a modern beat based approach to what Deva became famous for: Kavalai Paddaadhe Sagodhara in Kaadhal Kottai. The little bits and pieces of music that are composed by Bharadwaj are melodious, but when they are forced together to make a song, they refuse to gel and continue to remain as pieces. If you care to watch the movie when it releases, just listen to the songs at the theater or on video. Don’t bother about running to the store right away to buy the album!

– Sandya