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18 years ago, on this same day (Aug 3) our beloved star Ajith Kumar entered the cine field. 18 years ago on this day, he attended the first day shooting of his debut film Prema Pustagam. Still his journey continues in full swing. We present this article as a tribute for our beloved star.

Self Made Man

Ajith has managed his life on his own terms, Thought over – Decision made – Failed – Fallen – Risen – Ruled and Ruling…. He didn’t have his father or relatives or his friends from movie industry. He came as stranger to Tamil cinema and built his own ship and sailing across the oceans of competition. Ajith managed to climb up the ladder without any family background. There is always a difference when you learn to walk on rope with father and learn alone. This itself proves that he has grown alone and standing tall today. No recommendations No Reservations ONLY AJITH…. As Thala quoted recently … “Everyone has 2 options in life, one is to survive another one is to live. And I choose the later”.. Need any explanation for it?…

Never Give up Attitude

Ajith has given many flops in his career. Even with those flops he is one of the top Actors of Tamil Cinema. We fans always knew that Ajith will be the Number 1 in Tamil Cinema. Its a known fact to all that Ajith lost many movies because of circumstances he couldn’t act. Just imagine Ajith with those hits. Ajith also said in a recent interview that he was impressed with the quote about Ajith created by his fan, “Naan Vazhkayil Yevvalavu Kashtam Vandhaalum Nan Sorndhu Pogamaten, Yen Yendral Nan 100 Murai Jeithavan illa, 1,000 murai thothavan” This sentence gives us enormous encouragement and strength while we fail in our lives. A man with never give up attitude…

Multiple Dimensions Of Ajith

Some gentleman call him as Photographer, some call him as Aero modeler, some call him as Moto Racer and some call him as Actor and some call him as Environmentalist. How nice is it to say that my Hero Ajith is not just a actor but also an International Formula Racer, Great Photographer and Aero Modeler…! He has represented the country for motor sports. A person who is multi talented would understand the challenges behind preserving talents afresh. Ajith does it with ease.. One my compositions of proverbs say “Talents are birth gifts by God”.. Ajith seems to use to it at its best that was gifted by God.

Role Model

There should be atleast one person in an industry who starts from Scratch, falls down and one fine day rule the industry, because this gives way for freshers to beleive in the industry that growth is guaranteed if you are talented. . Any field, lets take Cricket – One would definitely follow Sachin or Ganguly who grew on thier own without support. Aijth is a true inspiration for any actor in the industry. No wonder the next generation Actors and Actresses of South Indian Cinema are fans of Ajith. He is not only an inspiration for actors but also to all individuals who fail in life.


As I told before that Some gentleman call him as Photographer, some call as Aero modeler, some call him an Moto Racer and some call him as Actor and some call him as Environmentalist but there is one common thing that every one calls in common. Any guesses? ………………………… Yes they call him as a “Great Human” …. Man of simplicity, after Rajinikanth in Cinema Industry. As another of my composition of proverb goes “We are born as Human, we die as Humans but how many of us live as Humans?” I find Ajith living as a Human… Every one realized about his humanity, “Orutharukku oruthar anbu selutha vendum, endru sonnaan kadavul”.. I hope you understood now, Ajith ‘s humanity is understood by everyone.

In all his interviews, he says that his fans are his back bone for his success at professional life but for many fans Ajith is their back bone for fan’s success in their personal lives. His Advices and quotes are carved out from his experiences in his life… Those means a lot to us…

Today Thala is completing 18 yrs in the industry. We wish him a long and a healthy life along with is family… God bless.

Best of Ajith is yet to come. Ajith sir we are waiting for it.

V.A.Harish Tinkku,


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  1. BALA says

    Sir plz considering my commend . plz hands up with Mr.gowtham u get a new dimension at the same time dont accept the remake story ,Mr.prabhu did not have a screen ply quality so have a safe path ,at the same time plz reduse u r body weight

  2. Raj says

    To all thala fans…Today I had a dream of our Thala playing the role of Ram in the film Ramayan (3d) released in Tamil, English, Hindi, Telugu directed by Shankar, Music by ARR…I am watching the First day first show in USA….With the theater filled with Americans and Indians….The film got a great opening more than Avatar…Think about this…What if my dream come true one day…..

  3. KARTHICK.K says


  4. Kavipriya says

    “THALA” really a grt human being…
    He, the only person who deserves to b called as thala…
    Proud 2 b ur fan thala…
    Deadly waiting 4 ur upcoming mankatha…
    Its nice 2 c u n venkat prabhu sir’s gang…
    U r really rocking ever and ever……..
    Thala pola varuma…
    Orey sooriyan orey thala…

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