Thala Ajith’s Heli Stunt: Exclusive Behind the Scene Footage

Behind the Scene Video Check down Below

The most talked about…the most discussed…the most amazing…the most daring…the man who has been flying high with the commercial success of Billa 2 Ajith Kumar’s dare devil action caught live…

Here we catch up with the most amazing video ever made in Tamil Film Industry… Mr. Ajith Kumar’s “Dare Devil” act in play…sky is the limit for “Brave Hearts”

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  1. sivakumar says

    The most talked about…the most discussed…the most amazing…the most daring…the man who has been flying high with the commercial success of Billa 2 Ajith Kumar’s dare devil action caught live…one and only my thala ajith only..

  2. david billa says

    in Tamil Film Industry can give great actors,but nobody there to do like this THALA pola varathu………

  3. saravanan says

    Thala neenga ipadi ellam risk eduka vendam…neenga engaluku venum thala…neenga vaali,villan,varalaru mathiri acting performance pannina pothum…

  4. FazFawAneSha says

    Most of the Thala Fans Started to hate him Because of irresponsible of picking up the story. We believed a lot. But no use. He will not change, If he keeps his mentality in the next movie also then he can not come up. Thala please stop to select the directors based on time duration. If a director fail to give a right story / screenplay on the dateline then let give him some more time to do the job. If you followed this the Billa 2 would have become a big hit. I mean i am talking about Mr. Vishnuvardan. Now the Billa 2 is failure because of your wrong decision. We know you are running your office like a corporate office but please do not take decision like this how people taking decision in corporate office. You have taken this kind of decision for so many times. But all ended up with failure. Do you think the industry people are having affection on you, no they are pretending. You are good public figure, good actor, good human being but do spoil these identifications by your stupid decision.

    Please do not try to create publicity like this kind of footage. Accept the failure.

    Please do not be lazy like this and do think that your fans are idiot. If the film is not good you would get like this.

    So please be sharp, get a right project, keep your body fit in all the movies, do not show your sleeping face on the screen, be happy and let us be happy.

    I am really sorry to say this Mr. Ajith, you got -1 in Billa 2.

    • saravanan says

      First of all you should mention your name correctly …if you have afraid to tell your name then why you comment here da…we (thala ) fans know about you…Definitely you are not a thala fan

  5. rocky says

    some slum peoples dont know about the value of money and what is going on in underworld….

    in fact some under-world peoples are becoming rich by making lot of money, lot of influence, royal life…
    this cannot be reached by common and low-class peoples.. this is true.
    i am talking about the reality in the world.

    the same is happened in this Billa2 movie also..

  6. rocky says

    some slum peoples dont know about the value of money and what is going on in underworld….

    in fact some under-world peoples are becoming rich by making lot of money, lot of influence, royal life…
    this cannot be reached by common and low-class peoples.. this is true.
    i am talking about the reality in the world.

    the same is happened in this Billa2 movie also….

    all low-class peoples in the world , they dont know abt..
    diamond dealing, cocaine business and arms dealing…

    they know only about to sit in home and watch tv-programmes..

  7. says

    Allow fazfananesha,what billa2 is flop.i cant believe .billa2 is 10times better than velayadhum and nanban.u know the value of film billa2. billa2 crossed 40crores in first 3days.u only fool not ajith fans.i didnt got ticket in abirami,sangam,albert for coming sunday.what u know about ajith.he already had 13surgery but he makes risk his life in heli is not necessary for him to make stunt like this but he doing for fans.billa2 was nice and different from billa1.both films are best.ajith is going to get best villian award and favourite hero in next vijay awards like mankatha film.billa2 was super hit because of thala .thala was one man army,he not depend on any director like surya and vijay.THALA the KINGMAKER DA

  8. says

    He proves once again how much he loves what he is doing. It was really a risky shot. amazing. incredible./ Note: no one has done this before in Tamil industry. WE ARE VERY PROUD TO BE HIS FAN. (For a child spiderman is greater than Dad. But AJITH fans are matured enough.) WE LOVE AJITH THE REAL LIFE HERO. Hope this vedio proves that. Dont worry abt those stupids. We are there for you FOREVER>

  9. FazFawAneSha says

    Dear Friends,

    I knew that THALA taken high risk in Billa 2. But the screenplay of the movie is totally out. So it is spoiled the risk what he taken in the movie. It is all because of his wrong decision, that means chosen of director. Because the director completely lost his mind of building up the right screenplay. If THALA given this chance to Visnuvardhan to direct the film, i hope he would have brought the film in to different way and he would have made it a blockbuster hit. That is why i requesting THALA, even if he has authority to chose a director, until he gets a good screenplay and satisfaction from the director. He should not go for shooting. He has taken wrong decision so many times like what taken for Billa 2, Asal, Aegan, Paramasivan, Alwar, and all ended up or given big flop to him.

    So please THALA, I am keep on insisting you for your great future that get a good director, get very good screenplay and last but not least please keep your body fit (that means reduce your tummy, hip size). If you follow this then nobody can beat you because personally i know that you are a very good human being.

    All the best for your bright future. Convey my regards to your family.

  10. hari says

    Billa II

    Theatrical poster
    Directed by Chakri Toleti
    Produced by Sunir Kheterpal
    Suresh Balaje
    George Pius
    Screenplay by Chakri Toleti
    Sarath Mandava
    Jaffer Mohammed
    Ee. Raa. Murugan (dialogue)
    Story by Chakri Toleti
    Eric Felberg
    Starring Ajith Kumar
    Parvathy Omanakuttan
    Bruna Abdullah
    Vidyut Jamwal
    Sudhanshu Pandey
    Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja
    Cinematography R. D. Rajasekhar
    Editing by Suresh Urs
    Studio Wide Angle Creations
    IN Entertainment
    Distributed by Aascar Films (India)
    GK Media (USA)
    Release date(s)
    13 July 2012[1]
    Running time 129 minutes
    Country India
    Language Tamil
    Budget 33 crore (US$6.58 million)[2][3]
    Box office 70.70 crore (US$14.1 million)(first 7 days)[4][5]

  11. Menaka Baskaran says

    All those who complain about the screenplay of Billa 2 being “totally out” obviously did not understand the movie or are so immersed in the typical masala genre of Tamil movies — kuttu songs, jokes, some sentiment — that they could not appreciate Billa 2. Billa 2 was immensely enjoyable and well done. The director did his homework and he kept the character of Billa in tune throughout the movie. David Billa in Billa 2 did nothing that Billa in Billa 1 would have done. Each character, each scene in the movie had a relevance to the way the story unfolded. The dialogues were crisp and made their point. There were no mindless pages and pages of dialogues as it is often in most Tamil films and the so called punch dialogues in Billa 2 were delivered in measured, deadly tones as how Billa talks in original Billa.
    The actions scenes were mind boggling, the music great. Billa 2 has the most coolest looking villains ever in Tamil films and Ajith was simply superb. A lot of things in the movie were just said with simple dialogues or by just a look.
    Case in point is David’s relationship with Sameera. The first instinct of a movie goer is to dismiss the whole thing as ‘not developed’ but if you look closely the relationship was developed via a lot of inference via subtle actions and dialogues.

    Ajith’s scenes with Bruna brief as they are also show what a great actor he is in the way he is able to convey his emotions through his eyes. It also shows a sexy side of Billa.

    From the very first time Billa first sees Sameera, you know there are sparks flowing between them. The way Billa looks at her, his attraction to her can hardly be missed. Sameera too seems quite unsettled the first time she sees him.

    The next two scenes (at the club during yetho yetho and by the swimming pool) where they again meet is just characterised by the desirous glance these two share between themselves. They have not spoken to each other. The audience know that something will happen between these two.

    By the time Billa and Sameera meet again in the next scene, time has lapsed. Billa has installed Jasmine in good living quarters, got her to apply for college and Jasmine has upgraded her wardrobe. As Billa is having a drink with Jasmine (she an ice cream), Sameera comes along and this time they both share a warm hug. Its obvious their intimacy has grown from just exchanging glances to hugging each other. Billa introduces Jasmine to Sameera. The two women size each other up and Sameera walks away. Jasmine then says, “So this is the Sameera…now I understand everything.” Obviously Billa has mentioned Sameera to Jasmine a couple of times for Jsamine to be curious about her. Now that Jasmine has seen her, she immediately thinks that Billa and Sameera are having an affair.

    Another scene that further explores this affair in Jasmine’s mind is when Billa brings her home after her drink was spiked in the party. Half drunk, she begs hims to stay, which Billa responds to by covering her in a blanket. before he leaves, Jasmine tells him that she knows whom he is going to be with at night. Billa just walks away.

    This is interesting because it makes you wonder whether Billa and Sameera were already involved even when Abbasi was still in control. To give further credence to this is how quickly Sameera makes the change to Billa after Billa kills Abbasi. It has already been established how much Billa dislikes traitors. The fact that he has no qualm or worry in taking Sameera as his gilfriend after Abbasi’s death points to the fact that these two must have been involved before Abbasi’s death and that Billa really had a soft spot for her. If this was a Hollywood movie they would have probably shown a love scene between Billa and Sameera behind Abbasi’s back. It was ingenious of Toleti to hint at these developments without ever showing it on screen but just by some actions and dialogues. But of course for our Tamil audience, everything has to be said from A to Z…they can’t seem to figure out the sequence in between without being told so they complain that there are gaps in the story.

    Another example where subtle actions foretell future events is the balcony scene between Sameera and David where he tells her what happened between him and the CM (the dialogue is not revealed) Sameera’s body language changes. She was going to put her hand on his shoulder but she removes it slowly and slowly leaves. The wheels in her head are already turning thinking that maybe Billa’s days are over. Ever the survivor she is thinking of her future.
    The scene where Billa gets a call about Jasmine’s abduction is also filled with details about his relationship with Sameera. He is sitting in a sofa in his bathrobe and pants while she is curled on the sofa, asleep with her head in his lap.When the phone rings and Billa finds in near her arm, he very gently removes it so as not to disturb her. It is a very tender scene that shows the intimacy between them.
    Maybe Billa did lose his heart to Sameera and which was why the betrayal by her must have hurt very deeply and left a scar. That’s why in V’sB (Billa a few years later), Billa has turned into a cold, calculating man who sees women as trophies to be used and discarded. CJ (played by Namitha) who desperately loves him and would have been 100 percent loyal lives in quiet desperation that he does not seem to care for her. She knows that he sees her as someone to fulfill his needs. And she knows that she is not the only one; she has learned to look the other way when his eyes wander off to others. This is cleverly illustrated in the song Sai Yethavuthu sai when Rose Dawson sends him a drink and attempts to catch his attention (she got his attention alright)…

    That’s just about him and Sameera…there are also loads of other interesting details about David’s character and his interaction with other characters that foretell the future clashes. In that sense the character development of many of the characters was well done and it is all there in the movie — if only people paid attention to it instead of just dismissing the movie outright.

    So, in short Billa 2 packed a punch. I hope audiences go and see the movie for themselves instead of being swayed by the comments in the internet and social media. It is a movie not to be missed. It’s entertainment, entertainment for mature audiences..

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