Exclusive Images: Ajith’s Daredevil action which leads to Accident

An Ajithfans.com Exclusive

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  1. says

    edhirikalin “SIMMA SOPPANAM”………. thiraiulagin “THANI SAMRAJIYAM”……………….. engal anbu anna ….. get well soon……. dis anguraj from pollachi……. 88831 52261…..

  2. S.H.Shabarish says

    Mankatha-1st week collection-30c and ticker fare is on an avgRs.250; Thuppaki-1st week collection-65c and ticket fare is Rs.150. Where is our Thala’s mass? We are saying that our Thala is the next super star. But Vijay is proving that he is the star in not only in Kollywood, in mollywood, in tollywood also. Where as our Thala there is no acceptance other than Kollywood. Any one wants to reply, kindly reply in decent way.

    • Arun says

      Dear Shabarish,

      Mankatha did well in all languages, but unfortunately Billa 2 didn’t do well in box office.It’s all about consistency. Wait for THALA avatar soon.

    • says

      thuppaki hit means because of a.r.muragadoss,santhosh sivan,kajal agarwal,harris jayaraj background music then only vijay.now also i say for thuppaki movie anybody can act.but mankatha hit only for thala and then yuvan background ,thala played a negative role .vijay do know how to act as villian.ajith is one man army.poda podi is also nice film why all saying thuppaki only is nice.compare thuppaki with dheena.ajith give a chance to a.r murgadoss but her a.rmurgadoss giving a chance to vijay.i think thuppaki is average film when compare to dheena,ramana and ghajini

      • MIcheal says

        a.r murgadass Enga thalaye nambi vandhu ninnan . enga thalivar avanuku life koduthar .

        Vijay a.r murgadass nambi poi ninnan , vijayku avanuku life koduthan .

        Vijay :- avrodea fans nambrar .
        Ajith :- Avare avange fans nabmbarange

      • VENNMANI says

        you are right, Thuppakki is watchable its good ,When u come out from the theatre its not giving any impact on our mind. One more thing after couple of years vijay movie received a decent response from the audiance, after the first show the tuppakki team started to celebrate their success and no competition for that movie also. So it was a self advertisement that’s why it seems a big hit, but it not.

    • DG says

      1.In this Movies 1 st day they told rumor about Muslim So that 2 day on words all the Muslim try to Watch this movie.

      2. For Vijay The Movie is Good we can see like this Collection, But Our Thala Movie We can See Collection For Each and Every Day.

      3. This Movie Not Running for vijay only For A.R, Murugadoss.

    • sathish says

      mr.sabarish u compare this when ajith does a flim with a.r.murugados. vijay is limited to tamilnadu and have some fan following in kerala little more than our thala but in andra ajith have the advantage as mankatha (gambler) was a boxoffice hit.can u compare kavalaan opening to adukalam and siruthai and velayutham to 7am arivu and then say vijay is amass hero than ajith.u know why all the theater owners protest against releasing vijaj flim in last year if u want to reply i can give u details that u are saying about what a star he is and the opening of nanban and thuppaki is purely because of their directors.when compare to chakritolti and venkatprabhu

    • Prasanna says

      First: Where did you get this data. Request, you to talk by having enough proof. Not only me, every one knows what is the mass for Ajith and for Vijay. Vijay wants to become CM. What ever he does, he is getting it done in the name of Makkal Iyakkam and he is having direct and indirect support of lot of politicians. Lets see ajith – He has no fan club ( he doesn’t wants anyone to spoil their career by running these fan clubs and all sort of nonsense). He is the only person in whole Tamil Film industry who thinks from other shoes. He doesn’t wants to spoil anyone’s career for the sake of his personal growth. Please understand buddy. You can’t compare ajith and vijay. OK Lets take this. Who are you? Are you from so so called Makkal Iyakkam ( who will not find 100% vijay fans there. Everyone there is hoping for some sort of political positions like MLA,MP once he enters in to the politics ). or you are normal vijay fan. Just see, you people have so many differences with in your group. About Ajith fans. We are just his fans. We will be always thinking about his career, personal life and his achievements. No Ajith fans in this world will be expecting other than this ( Money, Political Positions etc etc ).

    • Muralimanohar says


      U cannot simply throw words. Let us know where the box office collection of thupakki is being updated.

      Ajith fans, Pls do not react to fake information. Be Cool.

    • KUMAR says

      hi friend
      just understand thuppaki is hit for the movie script and good technical background any hero can act this movie , all credit is goes murugadas only he control vijay this movie avoid stupid punch dialogs political build up’s. but makantha sucess all credit ajith only. and also understand vijay motive is politics so he stumulating his fans he is used u and ur peoples(vijay fans) but ajith is not like that he is not spoil his fans careers for self use. for vijay fans dont engourage him he doesnt know any thing abt politics he is selfish he need publicity only .

    • MOHAN says

      Please dont compare THALA and his movies with any other actor and their movies…….”THALA IS UNCOMPARABLE WITH ANY OTHER ACTORS. HE IS A UNIQUE MAN”…… AGREE…?

    • says

      Boss ,..still u dont understand vijay and vijay dad,….Billa realease 2500 theater overal,…seat occupy 98 % after endiran,.but thupakki 1500 theater in overal,..occupy seat in 95%,…just calculate how it possible to get 65 %,….they making story,…..its not true,…Always meadia support vijay only,…After rajini thala only mass soon u il realize

    • santhosh says

      Guys our thala s F2 racer….. do u know about it???? it s the costliest motor sport in the world…. GOODWILL company made a agreement wit THALA in 2010 and thala represented india…… The average cost of one car s about 25 to 30 cr…. its very hard to get in f1 or f2 race but our thala made it…. even in 2003 he was in F3 so he can’t concentrate in films….. and plz don’t compare wit vijay b’coz thala has to be compared only wit rajini and kamal sir….most of the actors and actress are thala fan and i think everyone knows it…. and i am sure thala gonna brake some record in his coming film… no mass hero will accept doing film wit venkat but thala did coz he s very good human…. Director shankar knows about THALA ajith coz after kamal refused to do endhiran, shankar directly knocked thala’s door but not vijay…. he knows the caliber of ajith…… thala fans don’t worry, he shorely gonna rock 2013 after that all anti elements gonna shut everything including mouth…. he s the most stylist actor in south india and everyone knows including vijay fans… THALA ROCKZZZ .

    • VENNMANI says

      Who said thuppaki collected 65 crores in first week? The budget of the movie is around 60 crores this was the statement from cine field (Producer ,director and some others) If its collected 65 crores in a week how much it will collect in 4 weeks? 250 crores? If it collected like that how much VIJAY will get 100 crores? The movie ran 5 shows and 6 shows from 13 th to 18 th november ok. If u need to know the box office status Kindly visit tamil.webduniya.com. They are getting the reports from distributors and they are publishing .Mankatha movie released in month end and it was not a festival time and was not screened 6 shows contineously .THALA the mass and He is the KING OF OPENING. Thala’s latest flick billa 2 was not a hit movie but it has done wonderful job for the producers. Finish it off bossssssssssss

    • billa vicky (A)k.vignesh says

      thambi aduthavan kala pudichu vazhurathu oru vazhkaiya thani manithana sigaram thota thala than gethu

  3. says

    Mr.S.H.Shabarish One thing you should realize mankatha has released in official days & the box office collection was 130 cr check out in google, in official day the ticket was sold at rs.250 its a great thing, thuppaki released in festival not less than one week people go to their jobs, & cost just rs.150 even begger would have enough money to celebrate, what abt fans audience would react they surely watch it, it is a.r.murugadoss film dont forget it, mankatha venkat is upcoming director now he is big director, mankatha 1st reached out only for ajith after film release director, costar was watched, so try to understand ajith is mass of the masses, only ajith can create 100 murugadoss, we r never worried abt others hit or flop we had our own way ajith & ajith fans r unbeatable unstoppable,

  4. vinod says

    s.h.shabarish we (thala) will show wat is our mass in next film ok va ? wait n watch dont compare thala with silly fellow !

  5. askar says

    MR. SABARISH is it enough for u? or u need more? we provided u what ask from thala fans. if vijay give a hits in continue…. we need only one hit in a while to break all records and memorys, think past and this is a maaas….

  6. Sureshpetro says

    Hi..tats the fake report buddy..thupaaki’s collection is far less than our mankatha’s first week collection..if u wanna prove show us the websit link where we can see the source of boxoffice report..thupaaki is just an average movie..i am very sure that if they remake this movie in hindi with akshay kumar the movie gonna be a big flop…kidnapping the terrorist, logic less n riskful operations performed by vijay in ths movie evokes laughter…allowing the terrorist to escape from his house n following him in a van in the busy traffic filled mumbai city is so kiddish..it is like leaving a fish in the ocean and searching for the same…and allowing his own sister to get kidnapped by the terrorist leader n finding their whereabouts with a snipper dog…bull shit…r we idiots?…what a stupid screenplay….story doesnt have any masala things but in the screenplay they inserted a lot of logic less funny scenes for the sake of vijay fans who has little or no brain….thupaki running because of senseless vijay fans,they all are c center guys who never expect any logic infact they dont know what is logic…thats the fact…hindi audience never accept these kind of movies having garbage screenplay….

  7. nimalan says

    arun prasad i have already said as you said also i siad that vishal can do this thuppaki without any doubt mankatha one & only thala can do.thuppaki is break for vijay but all credit goes to ar muruga.people want to make a comparision with thala ,compare with talanted actors .

  8. says

    thala is like a volcano when it brakes u cant resist dont disturb him (to some vijay fans who want to see mass of thala ) vijay like thala and thala like vijay

  9. nimalan says

    prasanna ,dinesh well said it is very undrestandable .some people are unconcious .i read kumudam or anantha vikadan sunami time ajith contriputed 10 core vijay gave 5 core jajalalitha listed all details after that vijay gave 5 core why could not have given early? financial problem is it?contributing money to marriage is well planed guys that couple will like vijay then their children follow their parents becoz wedding is held by vijay do not compare any selffishpeole with our thala.1000 vijay come & go but THALA IS A EXEPCENALY DIFFERANT.

  10. Arun says

    Dear shabrish,
    When Ghilli released everybody was saying it collected well, but that had been surpassed by Varalaaru. Similarly pokiri was broken by Billa. Till now Ajith has been wandering between motorsports and Cinefield. Now he is concentrating only on cinemas, (Eg) trimming his structure for future flicks. Wait and see.

  11. adel says

    listen dis-thala mankatha did wel in box office bt nt a record opening.billa 2 had a record box off opening nd get approw of 190 crores..dis infor u cn find n twitter 2..b2 s a avg film which only watch for thala..thuppaki s a gud film ar murugadoss did wel..santhosh sivan nd harris lso did wel thats why it become a hit..pls tnk guys wen thuppaki done by a bad director like chakri then it wil be a 100 percent flop bt vijay’s charactor n dat film done by our thala or ny others it wil be hit..so due 2 ar murugados thuppaki become hit..

  12. says

    Actually I watched Thuppaki movie, Due to A.r Murugadas. Everywhere overacting by vijay-Kajal agarwal…… In all fight secens are worst not realistic….Mainly in climax secen: His arms and leg is broken, just he jump and turnt it he is recover to fight. ohh omg this is too much worst. As well as this same fight sequence he did in KILLI ALSO. 1 time possible to watch. its not a blockbuster or hit filim,,,,,,,,Thuppaki is Average filim.

  13. Flower Milk says

    hello sabarish thambi.2011 mankatha googlela 7th place pudichuirunthathu . athu ongalauku theriyuma.. po thambi po ethavathu velai iruntha poi paru.

  14. surya says

    I am die hard fan of THALA…Even I watched thuppaki becoz of Murgadoss…Its just an average film….Due U know y this film is having such hype even now…Its becoz of Thala fans…Coz many thala fans itself said thats a good movie to watch…But none of the vijay fans said that mankatha was good even it was far better than thuppaki….this s d difference between thala and vijay fans…No media,no website,no politicians support THALA…Thala’s supporters are always his Loyal fans…for god sake dont compare that vijay to my THALA…Thala is a legend……..

  15. Anthony says

    Mr Shabarish
    Before giving the details pls refer the complete details and publish in the social websites. So far highest box office collection for I st week is Enthiran its collected only 37 Cr. approx II Highest is Mankaha 32 cr Approx as per your details Thuppaki is broken all the records no chance. Thala is a one man show his films are hit or flop people will watch the film bcoz of Ajith but for Vijay its not possible and for vijay so much of Publicity is require for our THALA its not necessary. THALA always THALA than

  16. Superstar says

    Dear Ajith fans
    How long u guys will say that ajith gave life to AR murugadoss and Sj Surya?
    Director Maniratnam’s directed satyaraj and murali in his first movie (Pagal Nilavu).. so does that mean satyaraj gave life to mani ratnam? These directors are talented thats y they were able to survive .. it is not because of actors..
    Wat abt the directors who directed the movies like red,anjeneya,jana, alwar, aegan? these directors lost life because of ajith? Are guys ready to accept this?
    Ajith is versatile actor compared to vijay , but unfortunately he is poor script selector which u guys need to agree….
    Of course we have to agree the fact now vijay is keen on scripts and not mass image .. thats y his movies are pretty decent atleast without crap fights and dialogues… ajith has to concentrate more on scripts…Reply in decent manner if guys want…. of course i am not ajith or vijay or surya fan…. i am just fan of good cinema whether its masala or art movies never mind….

    • SHANKAR says

      dei murugadoss and sj suryave enga thaladhan life kuduthadhunu sona piraagu nee yara inga vandhu qution panradh enga thala always great the next super star is only ajithdhan the king makear thala nee adu thala so u shat and get out for our thala army thaladaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Name says

      Mr.Super star, Well said…

      Thala new directors ku opportunity thaan kudukka mudium. Antha opportunity ya nalla use panna thearinjavan thaan excellent director ra vara mudium. Sj and ARM use pannikitanga other directors use pannaka. thats it!!!

      No hero’s has gutts to agree with fresh directors. ONLY AJITH HAS!!
      Mokka pieces soada Mass sa pls compare pannatheenga.


  17. madhavan says

    Thala fans are doing a big mistake by watching vijay movies , you know i wont even spend 10rs for a vijay movie . thala veriyan .if each and every fan contributes 100 rs for a vijay movie , see how much money he is earning in his movies , so watch thala movies , ask the story from your friends if it is a vijay movie.

  18. raja says

    dear superstar,
    do u have any logic? y every thala fans said thala gives life to ARR is he is the actor who gave chance to ARR to direct his film, (eventually many actors like vj refused him by saw his childish appearance) , if thala also refused think, may be a chance that ARR still won’t get any chance … directors of red, alwar also got life from him but they can’t maintain that , ARR did..

    but only mistake of thala fan is they promot ARR is a good director, but he is an above average director. S.j.Surya is far better than him… no one in this tamil cinema can do an another film like vali… new also surya’s masterpiece… kushi was wasted by the hero.. if any good actor acted in kushi , it would be a unforgettable film in tamil cinema…

  19. raja says

    //ajith has to concentrate more on scripts

    no need of it for him, thala only neer to concentrate on his fans, if the movie is accepted by his fans, no need of other support, the film will automatically be a decent hit… past examples are attakasam , billa2 . both films are well received by his fans , and give more profit than super hits of other competitive actors…

  20. nimalan says

    well said suriya mankatha far better than thuppaki & common people also said they add we can not compare.ajith fans have a good quality is they accept good movie reject bad movie .

  21. nimalan says

    superstar, ajith gave chance to them and they faild to make good movie if ajit had chosen other directors ajit would have succeeded. u blame on ajit .i well remmeber ,when ajit was interviewed decently said movie faild becoz of me.ajit never said he gave life for them.he said i used they talant for my movie thats all .if he hasnt chosen ar muruga or sj surija thier life ??????????????there r too many people with scipt in field ,EX-successfull diretor gautham menan is anxious to work with ajit.

    • Name says

      Recently i have watched director AR Murugu’s and Director Goutham vasudev menon’s statement in you tube (both are seperate vedios). the question has been asked about the direction with Ajith. can’t belive.. both directors replies are exactly same “Avar Koopta naan poiduvean”.

      And more surprising word from Murugudoss is.. . “Avar koopta…Naan veara padam pannittu irrunga kooda atha appadiyea stop pannittu poiduvan”

  22. saravanan says

    Dear sabareesh ,

    Before talking this truth less words you must see the Wikipedia reports friend…don’t twist thala fans..

  23. says

    Mr.superstar i agreed the directors came with their own stuff, but when s.j.surya talk abt ajith he is praising that i kept ajith photo near to my god ajith has given a chance more than that something impressed him there r more eg like this red, vijay acts in differant films wht abt kavalan film is the director will suit the song vinaikappan oruvan in that manner, its same acted like rajni mannerism started frm thirupachi to sura same screenplay just replacing heroines, ajith scripts r differant frm one other but the film may failed, its director mistake, a.r.murugadoss approached many heroes but they did beleive him ajith gave oppourtunity he made it, after ajith gajini gone for madhavan when a.r.m. was telling the full script madhavan was playing with his dog this was said by a.r.m itself in kumudham interview thats the reason the film gajini gone for surya ajith own treat anybody in such manner so the directors praising him alot, everybody is a actor ajith is more than that, ajith is real hero than all.

  24. JB says

    Mr.adel you are right, nobody can beat billa2 collection 190 c this year, next year it will break by our thala film only

  25. adel says

    any way thala nxt film with vishnuwardhan wil be a block buster..after that he wil do shiva,murugadoss films nd i heard dat mankatha wil remake n hindi with thala…

  26. mohan says

    dai shabarish thala ya pathi pesa ungalukku enna thaguthi irukku da. mavane innore thada inda sitela unna pathen konnu potruven. thala thanda massssssssssssss massssssssssssssss massssssssssssssss

    • S.H.Shabarish says

      Its ok guys… will see how many years it is going to take for him to deliver hit like Billa and mankatha… If U R a true fan of Ajith, think think think..,

  27. karth says

    @Superstar…To answer your question ..Dnt compare maniratnam with A.R. murugadoss..Maniratnam is rich guy..(His father is a big producer).Just to quote on the interviews given by( s j Surya& AR murugadoss&saran&A vijay etc… they all see thala as God..Nowhere thala ever mentioned that he gave life to them..All these directors are strugling in the initial days….THALA IS A GENTLEMAN…HE COMMAND RESPECT..

  28. says

    allow superstar,if ajith not gvn chance to a.r.murgodoss.hewould be till his end of life he would be asst director.maniratinam gvn chance to murali before that murali was not a popular actor but ajith become a popular actor before dheena itself.he give chance to new director they only should use oppurturnity.i watched thuppaki it was not a great film many mistakes in tis film.jayaram with vijay comedy was mokkai.unnecessary songs in between the film.opening scene was not good.In serious scene vijay try to act but it becomes comedy.he is not acting as experienced actor.

  29. sabrish says

    here alll SPEAKING about te new film Thupakki…ok im sabrish im a die die HARD ajith FAN….ASAL 1st show mankatha 1st show nd billla 2 1st show.. en nanbaragalee namme ELLAARUM orae KOOTAM THALA KOOTAM…unmaiya pesanum nu thonuthu…VIJAY AJITH aa COMPARE pannuvom ipo…. MORE FANS- no doubt AJITH leads…..OPENING- no doubt AJITH leads…ACTING- no doubt AJITH leads completely…PERSONALITY-AJITH leads…DANCE-Vijay leads no doubt, as of now ……
    BUT namma oru VISHIYATHA gavanikkanum ….naa oru kaelvi kekaraen…IF tis THUPAKKI FILM ajith ACT panirundhaa???……itha vida 10 TIMES PROFIT vandhrukum….TAMIL INDUSTRY KINGaa AJITH vukandhirupaar……tat is HIS APPEAL tat is HIS market…….ND VIJAY ODA good films recent aa sollunga…..the entertainin films are: nanban,velayudham, ipo mass thupakki….but thala ki namma mankatha matum thaan (im saying recently last 3 to 4 films)….tis is te problem..Film QUALITY nu paatha VIJAY FILMS are more entertaining in theatre than thala film except Mankatha…adu DIRECTOR kai la thaan irku …the speed of the movie and story…..if ajith gives quality movies 4 in a row ten noone will compare ajith with vijay…..he will naturally be ON TOP.,……..

    • VENNMANI says

      Hmm all of vijay movies 50 -65 minutes will be captured by( comedy ,stunt and songs) balance 75 mins only .He needs one comedian with him always and sister sentiment and one item song and one opening song .That’s it. Thala is not looking for comedy and family sentiment and unwanted item song in his film.(30 % of audiance looking for comedy , sentiment , item songs so that most of the movies having one item song for sales promo of the movie) .This 30% audiance are making the different in theatre and these crowded will not watching the movie in a day time and it s split up so that it seems like that

  30. saravanan says

    Mr.sabarish neenga definite ah ajith fan than …we believe U..but unga question ku nan answer panren from 2007 to till now thala act only 5 movies bills,aegan,asal,mangatha,,billa-2…out of these 2 films mega hit..
    I hope U agree…but what U said velayutham,kavalan hit…this is mega comedy U know..kavalan just ok…but velayutham even Vijay fans couldn’t accept this..
    Kavalan hit na apa asal hit illaya

  31. says

    allow sabrish how u say velayudhum is good film.nonsense and comedy film of tamil industry.nanban is a average film in that jeeva and satyan acting is better than vijay acting.dont compare mankatha with thuppaki.see mankatha opening scene i was stunned to see that thala opening .defenitely vishnuvardhan and ajith combination will bring a best film,no doubt

    • sabrish says

      Velayudham good filmoo illaiyo …….naan pesuvadu collection mattum……film industry takes only film’s collection into account…..no matter if its a good or bad movie……..ok please answer tis question with truth…..do you think ASAL collection is more than velayudham?…..the fact is NO…….velayudham grossed more money and ended as SUCCESS for vijay…….though we Hate VIJAY ……..i never said SURA or ATM a hit ,……..tey are utter FLOPS and we celebrate tat BUT im saying FACTS……..if ajith is a little bit more consistent…….he will RULE………no one has the ABILITY to COMPETE with AJITH because see his CHARISMA, PERSONALITY, and the no of die HARD FANS……

  32. NASIR says

    YAAR VANDAALUM POONAALUM (panninga kottama varum) THALA (singam) SINGALA VARUM. wait and see GUYS our THALA’S nxt performance. nxt SUPER STAR NAMMA AJITH thaan.
    Thala daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa addduuuuuuuuuuu

  33. bharathwaj says

    endhiran- 400 c+
    dasaavatharam- 250 c+
    billa 2- 190 c+
    nanban-165 c+
    thupakki- 132 c+(still running)
    mangatha- 130 c+
    sivaji- 125 c+
    give comments it’s real or fake….

  34. David'B' says

    Mr Sabrish, u said u r Thala fan…let it be, i understand yr concern …let us not forget what Thala said’LIVE and LET LIVE’…
    I’m a Thala craze, not other actors….so just keep together with other Thala fans,
    Mr. Superstar we are confidence of his other movies will be hits….the only star without fan club but yet still highest numbers of fans around the globe…u should remember that .

  35. says

    hi friends… s.h. sabrish says correct our thala not a next super star because our thala is next ULLAGA NAYAGAN…. In cine industry no one take risk kamal hassan and thala ajith kumar…. definitely this 2 person get the tamil industry to next level… another information about Thuppaki film.. on time of shooting Vijay ask to murugadoos for take the movie what i am say that secene only u take nu.. but a.r said i am only direct not u… most of day a.r and vijay fighiting in shooting spoot…. camera man santhosh sivan only solved the problems… u want proof pls go library or book shop and get last month edition kumdham and reporter……

  36. pongada says

    1) Ajith is good man
    2) he is racer
    3)He is having pilot license
    4) he has come to industry without any ones backup
    5) He gave intro to big directors like ARM,SJ Surya
    Yethana nal thaan otta record matiri ithae solluvinga dear ajith fans…
    These characters will not help him much to give any BOX OFFICE hits

    First nalla script irukanum, Nalla nadikanum, Dance adanum , nalla comedy pannanum …Nalla music irukannum

    Ajith ithula nalla nadikiraru thavira , first dance,comedy varathu (Ketta avaruku injury so Dance adamatarunu solluvinga) . Script Sutham….

    Oru flop a maraikirathu ivaluvu reasons sollanuma..

    innuma intha ungala nambikitu iruku?

    • says

      we agree the flops………….m.g.r ku dance ada theriyuma ,comedy panna theriyuma..rajini ku dance ada theriyuma?…athukula vanthuttanga……………………

  37. says

    hi friends…. just see third comment OF MR.PONGADA…..he have no guts because he didnt say his name…. what do you say otta record ah solitu irukuroma neenga pala varsama dance dance nu sollitu irukeenga… dance comedy mattum potuma appadina DR.VIJAY kitta solli super singer and dance competition la join pana solunga kandipa ajith fans ellorum vote panren engala avaruku orgadam la three bedroom flat kedikum all the best and good luck….

  38. sabrish says

    nanbargaleee EPAA paa ADUTHA THALA padam varum………ovvoru naalum kaduppa poguthu………..oru AUDIO va yaavadhu RELEASE PANNUNGA daaa dei………….enda engala wait panna vekireenga adutha THALA opening aaa paakanum in BIG SCREEN mangatha billa 2 engaluku PORAADHU Maelaaaa MAELAAA……….naanga ENGAIYOOO ethirpaarkurom……..ADUTHAA padathaa paathu VIJAY FANS MOOD out aaganum…………..naanga ADANUM…………..seekiram da saamy VISHNUVARDHAN seeekiram…………

  39. fedup says

    from 2001 to 2012 , Ajith acted in nearly 20 movies… but only 4-5 of them are hits namely Dheena , Villain , Varalaru , Billa , Mankatha..
    rest of them are average and below average movies.
    Very very poor hit ratio.. just 25-30% of the films are hit..He might be king of opening, but soldier of box office.

  40. Sriram.S says

    sabarish don’t u use ur mind?……………..billa 2 has a low content than thupakki….so its collections are low…..mankatha and velayuham had good contents……………..mankatha ruled the box office……that ia our THALA’S mass.but what about vijay..if u want to compare take two movies of the same kind…….i demand u THALA’s Next break all your records.

  41. Navaneetha krishnan says

    hello all my dear ajith fans dont compare any one with our thala..because he is unique..praise him but dont compare him..east or west thala is best..by ajith veriyan

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