Ajith’s Whatsapp Application Display Photo

Source: Vikatan (Dated: 23-8-2012)

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  1. Peggy ELT says

    For those who cannot read Tamil, here is a rough translation of the text — with apologies to Rekhs — (Tamil purists please forgive me! Blog Editor please provide translation or at least a summary of articles published in Tamil for the benefit of those who do not read Tamil):

    Ajith is not in Facebook or Twitter. However, he very actively tells feeds the whole world with news via the Whatsapp application. This app is only available via his handphone to his friends who are listed in his phone book. Ajith uses different photographs of his daugther Anoushka for his profile picture which he changes constantly. This is the latest profile picture of his daughter that he has used.

    PS: I am sure Ajith is going to be really pissed off with the “friend” who released this pix to the media.

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