Billa 2 – Biggest Opening in Indian Cinema – Paper Ads

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  • Actor Bharath with Ajith Kumar.
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  1. tsk says

    A sequel but a prequel. Billa 2, directed by Chakri Toleti (of Unnaipol Oruvan-fame) traces the journey of David Billa and his transformation into a dreaded gangster. It is more style over substance attempting to camouflage cliches.

    Billa 2 has a wafer-thin storyline. But Chakri Toleti has intentionally kept the pace swift enough, leaving no time for the viewer to notice loose ends.

    Ajith plays a bravado who is forced to turn a warlord. Being an action flick all through, the director seems to have taken some cinematic liberties and ensured that gun-toting men run around with vigour, baying for blood, spraying bullets all around. It is bad versus bad in a bid to assert their supremacy.

    The film begins in a refugee camp ar Rameshwaram where David Billa (Ajith) comes seeking aylum from the neighbouring island nation. Billa gets acquainted with rough life in the refugee camp and raises his voice against those who treat them in an unfair manner.

    This leads Billa to incur the wrath of police officials and he is forced to go on an assignment planned with an aim of finishing him off. But a brawny Billa overcomes all odds and completes the task given to him with ease. He comes across a few influential men in the society invoved in mafia. There begins a new journey in his life. He comes across Abbasi (Sudhanshu Pandey), a dreaded gangster in Goa. David Billa’s brave acts help Abbasi come out of a tangle. He then begins to like Billa. He gives him new assignments and with them come more risks for Billa. But he completes them in style.

    There is a twist when Billa embarks on a trip to Georgia to meet an international don Dmitri (Vidyuth Jamwal) on Abbasi’s behalf. But soon a misunderstanding between Abbasi and Billa crops up and they part ways. Now arrives Billa the Don after he bumps off Abbasi. But fresh troubles begin here. Dmitri crosses swords with him. A bloody battle for supremacy then ensues.

    Ajith carries the movie on his shoulders literally. A suit-clad Ajith sports a stylish look as the don. Thanks to his screen presence, he manages to pull a few rabits out of the hat. Though he is predomiantly a baddie on a killing spree, yet it has to be said he adorable.

    Parvathy Omanakuttan and Bruna Abdullah have little to do in the film. Sadly none of them have any song sequence with Ajith. Vidyuth Jamwal’s pleasant looks adds credibility to the character. He is at ease before the camera though language is a problem for the Bollywod actor. Sudhanshu Pandey tries hard to look menacing and he does partially succeed.

    Adding strength to Billa 2 besides Ajith are cinematographer R D Rajasekar and dialogue writers Era Murugan and Mohammad Zafar. The former captures the locales in Goa and Georgia in its pristine beauty. Several punchlines by Ajith (penned by Era Murugan) is a treat to Ajith fans. Yuvan Shankar’s music disappoints big time.

    Produced by Sunir Khetarpal, George Pius and Suresh Balajee, Billa 2 is strictly for Ajith fans who want their favourite star to be seen as an invincible person on the screen always. But one would have preferred to see Ajith as brain than brawny hero.
    Verdict: Action, amazing & Ajith

  2. ஜீவன் says

    ஸ்டைலான மேக்கிங் மட்டும் படத்தை காப்பாற்றும் என்று நம்பியிருக்கிறார்கள். ஓவர் ஸ்டைல் உடம்புக்கு ஆகாது என்பதை இப்போது புரிந்திருப்பார்கள் என்று நினைக்கிறேன். ஊரெல்லாம் டிக்கெட் இலலை என்று சொன்னவர்களுக்கு.. எஸ்.எஸ்.ஆர்.பங்கஜம் தியேட்டரில் காலைக்காட்சிக்கு நேரில் சென்று வாங்கினேன். டிக்கெட் விலை 100. நாற்பது சீட்டுகள் விற்பனையாகாம்ல் இருந்தது.
    நன்றி: கேபிள் சங்கரின் பில்லா 2 விமர்சனம்

    • hari says


      antha theatre peru enna …hmm pangajam….pera kettale mokka theatre nu theriyudhu..anga evan povan sollunga…………….
      neengale sonnenga style aana making nu thn…..enna boss
      padathukku ponomo enjoy pannoma thalaya parthoma adhnga matter……….

  3. hari says

    now am in andrapradesh……here all media says …ajith is the super star n everyone stunned abt his performance in billa 2……..

  4. shahul says

    I really dont understand why the movie reviews are negative . It is very good if you understand it is a
    1) Gangstar
    2)Prequal to Billa
    3)Passage of an ordinary man to DON

    . we went with our friends twice sterday, and every body said the movie is good/better.
    Believe me, this is really good, trend setter, hollywood style movie
    dont expect a masala items ,foreign/kuttu songs.

    U really made us proud, to me , Billa2 is clearly is sending to next level.

    Guys ,
    non ajith groups are just creating things not in favour of thala, since they dont want Billa 2 to mankatta level success.

    Guys! Dont believe in reviews! Just watch ! u will feeel!

    • nimalan says

      hi ,sahul you are 200% right some people mind are set on masala iterms,kuthu paddu,hero plays with villian like childish[ex-saguni]all review forgot to say,movie is not boring.i came out from theater in interval asal is movie run now? hit ? big hit?

  5. Ajithian says

    The wait is finally over. After making Ajith fans to wait with bated breath, here comes ‘Billa 2′, a prequel to Ajith’s earlier hit ‘Billa’. It is no doubt a stylish flick that talks about how David Billa, the don emerged. ‘Billa 2′ is a heady mix of raw action, deadly chases and revenge knots. Ajith carries the burden on his shoulders to deliver goods. Thanks to his screen presence, he manages to pull it off.

    For hardcore Ajith fans, ‘Billa 2′ is a delight for they can see their favourite star as an invincible, unbeatable and stylish don. He sets off a new style trend with his looks and costumes. More a serious role with no tinge of humor, it is indeed a complex character ably handled by Ajith. He has very little to speak in the movie and lets his gun do all the talking.

    Director Chakri Toleti has tried to ensure that the brand Billa doesn’t suffer anywhere and carefully woven a story with some logic behind characterisations. But at places, it may look too alien for Tamil audience.

    The rise of a Lankan refugee into an international don is what the story is all about. The movie is technically rich thanks to R D Rajasekar’s cinematography, Selva’s art and visual effects. The movie predominantly occurs in three places – Rameswaram, Goa and Georgia. Rajasekar has captured these places in different colors providing the right feel.

    David Billa (Ajith) is a refugee from Lanka who seeks shelter at a camp in Rameswaram. An angry young man, David Billa raises voice against injustice meted out to the asylum-seekers by officials.

    Meanwhile a conspiracy is hatched and David Billa is forced to do a job for a businessman with a motive to get him in trouble. But he accomplishes the task with utmost ease and soon comes across the underworld.

    From here he starts climbing the ladder with his contacts after every assignment that he completes. He eventually meets Abbasi (Sudhanshu Pandey), an underworld don in Goa. Billa helps him out in a deal and wins his favor.

    For one of Abbasi’s deals Billa goes to Georgia where he meets a ruthless international don Demitri (Vidyuth Jamwal). They get acquainted that creates a rift between Abbasi and Billa.

    A challenge is thrown by Billa to Abbasi and he starts building his own empire, which eventually results in Billa crossing swords with Demitri himself. The bloody battle begins in Goa and ends in Georgia.

    Ajith is the heart and soul of the movie. He maintains the ‘Billa’ look and carries the role well. He speaks very little and they too end up as punch lines which would delight his fans. He has no peppy numbers to boast with or romance the heroine. Though a mass hero, Ajith has done what the character would have demanded from him.

    Parvathy Omanakuttan appears brief in the film, as the daughter of Billa’s sister. Sadly her character fails to get registered. Bruna Abdullah as Abbasi’s ladylove who sides with David Billa looks hot.

    Vidyut Jamwal is a stylish baddie for Tamil cinema. The actor with immense potential plays an international don and he has tried his best to fit the character. Sudhanshu Pandey with a typical Hindi accent plays a meaty role. Manoj K Jayan and Rahman appear briefly.

    The movie relies heavily on Ajith. With a wafer-thin storyline, at places events unfold quickly to sustain our interest. Too much of bullets and heavy flow of blood take away the sheen one witnessed in ‘Billa’.

    The noteworthy feature of the movie is dialogues by Era Murugan and Jaffer Mohammed. With Ajith uttering them, these punch lines which do form part of the story go down well with the masses. Visual effects add strength to the stunt sequences. Especially the scenes set in Georgia in a snow-clad palace have been captured well by Rajasekhar.

    A slick entertainer, the movie runs for just 129 minutes, thanks to editor Suresh Urs who has made it a quick tale.

    Watch out for stunt master Rajasekar’s brilliant work especially Ajith’s escapade in Goa from a gang of baddies who attack him during a carnival. Also the climax wherein the actor leaps from a helicopter has been choreographed well.

    Produced by Sunir Kheterpal, Suresh Balajee and George Pius, ‘Billa 2′ is a glossy and catchy flick with abundant action, sure to fulfill the appetite of Ajith fans.

    • Ameen says

      hi all thala fans ithu onnum thalaikkum namallukum puthusilla……….Thalaiku yennaikkum media support kedachathu illa yeppovuma namma fans support than so dont worry abt it support our thala sure bill collection going to break and rock allthe records

  6. says

    Billa 2 tamil film in hollywood making… Treat for ajit fans… Hats off to ajit did many real stunts…. Released in 2500 theatres… 1Day collection Rs 2 Crores….

  7. says

    Boss Billa 2 would have not made 7.61 Cr for Day 1 colleciton in TN + 2 Cr for Overseas as per news flying. ( nett : 9.61 Cr )

    My calculation here
    2500 Screens X 5 Shows per day X Min 150 Seats X Mins Rs 150 per ticket equal to = 28.15 Cr Bear Minimum

    Forget Black market ticket and few theaters have 200 Seat capacity and Abroad in US it is 15 US dolloars which is 350Rs as per INR.

    So I am sure it is 300 to 500 Million Turn over ( ie., 50 Cr ) Business happened in First day.

    Pl correct my logic if I am wrong.

  8. John says

    Why always some problems happens especially in songs when it comes to ajiths movie????? Why the bloody director are not concentrating into that??? Then why the f=== they are called as director… The movie was good and i was disappointed with the songs… my favourite songs were idhayam and gangster.. both were missing….. by a disappointed fan………. but film was pictured well not songs… and story line were thin… could have added more love scene with parvathy and crying scence when she died in movie….

  9. says

    Thala movies forever is very very super and different movies. He has done all movies is very excellent and now billa2 movie is very very beautiful to come to superly.

  10. Yuvaraj says

    Once again to best villain and favourite actor of 2012 is
    Our one and only Thala…
    Awesome acting… Thanks to thala…

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