July 7: Billa 2 to release on July 13th 2012 – Official Paper Ads

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  1. Ram says

    Friends sory to share with u as the movie again got postponed and they are saying 1st august . I checkd with ascar films ashok nagar chennai and the same updated in wikipedia. It will not run for 2 weeks if its relaesing in august as maatraan thupakki viswaroopam and mugamudi will get in and remove billa. Nalla movie with baadu worst prducer and worst distributor getting lost without a good name. Very sad friends.. No trailer in tv no ads in english paper and how do u think the movie will become hit. Thala has to produce on his own then only movie will release on said date. No one is supporting thala in the industry…..

  2. Ram says

    Hi friends.. any idea as why there is no ads and promo in tv and english paper as that will only bring family auduence…

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