Mankatha Theater Celebrations in Banglore Lakshmi Theater – Fans Share

more pics here….

Dear all thala fans,

This is the photos for mankatha realease Celebration in Bangalore Lakshmi theater(Near Thaverkere).

Sir, please upload the Our celebration Photos in

Thanking you.

Ultimate Challengers
Kalai Ulaga Maharaja Thala Fans,
Swagath Qtrs,Thilaknagar,

If you want to showcase your reviews, Theater celebrations pics and videos, Kindly send to [email protected]

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  1. Mahindapala Billa2lk says

    Venkat sir,thanks for giving an excellent movie for us..
    We love our thala’s character in MANKATHA.
    no more ultimate star,our thala is SUPERSTAR!!!

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