Mankatha audio from Tomorrow – Exclusive Paper Ads

English Version

Tamil Version

Source: Dinathanthi and Times of India (Dated: 9-8-2011)

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  1. Karthick TR says

    thala i heard sample music from mangaatha…….

    Machi open the bottle… is very rock……
    i heard it from mirchi…….
    we are eagrly to watch the movie……..

  2. says

    Movie is going to release on august 26. Enga thala ajith ku periya whistle adinga. Enga padam mankathaku periya whistle adinga. Ajith fans ku whistle podu. Tomorrow machi open the bottle. Today nit trailer is going to release. Thala da vera evan da

  3. dina says

    without thala, the audio lauch will be boring. any way the trailer will be released, we can see our thala through it

  4. Ajenth says

    Before sumone told it is going to be on August 19th, now again postponed, when August 26th come, they will postpone to September. I think by the time Mankatha is going to release, Thala’s next movie Billa II will release.

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