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Dear Friends,

I met Mr.Ajithkumar Sir at AVM Studio in AASAL Shooting dated on 30.11.2009, Monday at 4.15 p.m.. I presented him a book named as “WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU WILL DIE” written by Robin Sharma. I said to him “Sir, I heard that, Nowadays you are reading more books. So, a small compliment from my side”. He smiled and said that “Thank you!!!!”. Then I replied that “Sir, To see you is one of my Life Time Aim”. He smiled a cute.

Kindly find the attachments with Our Thala…..

Mr.Rajmohan with Ajith during Asal Shoot

From Rajmohan (Chennai)

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  1. gnanaraj PD says

    I Will be very Happy if like ….

    Mr Ajithkumar being part of Scripting,Story,Narration.

    He should be also part of promoting the FILM.

  2. Rajmohan says

    Dear Friends, Thanks for your comments. I hope you will also see Mr.Ajith sir and you will feel a great experience as I had. Bye for now…

  3. aegan says

    There is not even a single publicity for thala aasal. If its like this i am sure movie will not be a blockbuster…
    very sad to say this but this is the fact.

    Thala movie doesnt have a publicity very very sad friends..

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