Arrambam Trailer Analysis

Ajith's Brilliant Expression in the Trailer

Ajith’s Brilliant Expression in the Trailer

We finally got it after such a long wait! The trailer is out, and has increased the jubilant atmosphere set by the songs!

First things first – Haters, this is just the #Arrambam, you have got more coming your way! [See first comment] We do not get to see such mind-boggling RAW stunts very often in our cinema. Currently such brilliant and BELIEVABLE action can only be seen in Kamal Sir’s movies, and our Thala Ajith Kumar’s flicks. So there goes the main plus point of the movie.

Next comes Yuvan’s background score! He has simply nailed it again!! The BGM is intriguing, and provides the MASS feel to it at the same time, which is not achieved very often…

The cinematography promises the *wow* factor in every scene it seems! Simply fluent camera angles indeed! DOP Om Prakash has done an awesome job, no doubts.

There are colourful portions too – the intro song, the Holi song with Rana, and Arya’s totally loveable gestures with the ladies

Technically placed at great height, the trailer is slick, and assures that the movie is definitely gonna bring down the roof at many places, as there are so many MASS moments evident! Well, this is just the beginning \m/ With such a pumped up body at this age, Thala looks the best one can at this point in a career! The risks he has taken are clearly seen, and my respect for this man has grown many folds higher! _/\_ The shot where Arya points his gun at Ajith is going to be the highlight… what an expression! That was worth a million bucks!

All eyes on the director now, so let us wait for the film to comment about his work. Regarding similarities to “Swordfish”, I do not think there was any flashback/romance track in the movie But still, fingers crossed for an original output!

To sum it all up, as quoted by a fan, Billa’s CLASS + Mankatha’s MASS = Aarrambam!

Courtesy: Reviewpuram

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  1. Adam Sasi says

    Thala in different avatar, Samma twist, awesome camera angles, bgm is terror… Totally marana mass:-):-):-). Its just the begining :-).

  2. yesh says

    Thala’s presence and performance dominates all others’ fascinating work.Can expect great competition between Thala,other actors,yuvan and vishnu..The movie scores in all department.

  3. Venkat says

    Thala’s look is different and, I think its an energitic role for all character, Om stay in its awesome cinematography….Aarambam(thriller )

  4. sunil says

    songs are brilliant with different colorful music. 5 different varieties. Yuvan has done his magic again. Its far far more better than mankatha. All are repeatedly hearing songs. But if they wud have kept an audio release function, it wud have reached to a wider audience because the songs are really superb. They should keep audio release for this kind of songs. Nowadays i am seeing many new movies with new heroes keeping audio function, but their songs are crap. TODAY MORNING ONLY I HAVE SEEN THE TRAILER LOADED ON THIS WEBSITE, BUT HAVEN’T WATCHED IT YET, BECAUSE I AM IN OFFICE NOW AND CUDN’T OPEN IT. EAGER TO WATCH TODAY EVENING. GUYS, HOW IS THE TRAILER? DOES IT LOOK PROMISING! VERY EAGER TO KNOW TAT’S WHY.

  5. Aashish says

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    The details of the Movie; Theatre & the Schedule for the day are mentioned below:

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