Suhail Chandhok – Cricket To Cinema

Suhail Chandhok - Cricket To CinemaDespite coming from a family associated with motorsports, Suhail Chandhok took to cricket. But, a knee injury forced him to give that up. Then, he did a video How I Met Your Mother feat. Johnny Vetrivel and posted it on YouTube. That’s how new avenues opened up for Suhail.

Actor Ajith Kumar chanced upon the video and approached Suhail’s father, veteran racer Vicky Chandhok to find out if the youngster would like to act in ‘Siruthai’ Siva’s forthcoming film for Vijaya Productions in which the actor is starring. Suhail is thankful to Ajith for having faith in his capabilities and giving him this opportunity.

Suhail remembers how Ajith entered the film industry after undergoing a few surgeries following a motorbike accident, which kept him out of motorsports for a while.

Source: The Hindu (Dated: 18-2-2013)

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