Director Gautham Menon Speaks about Ajith Kumar

Source: Ananda Vikatan (Dated: 1-11-2012)

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  1. Nandy says

    Thnx Gautam , I am happy tht u have some respect on Mr.Ajith . i hope u to do a flm soon wth Thala..Our Thala has soo many talents , directors like u shld bring t out

  2. Kalkibhagwan says

    Rajiniyai Pattri Manorama 1996 La kandithargal Enenndraal Rajini was Against Jaya Later Rajini Himself gave her a Chance in Arunachalam After which Manorama Praised Rajini Many TImes

    Same way Gautham Willingness to team Up WIth Thala , But Didnt Happen He Abused Thala Now see ??? Still No word From Thalas Side ( He Never Needs Anyone as a ladder For His Success ) THALA ROCKS



  3. saravanan says

    gautham yaru sonna enga expectation yetha mathiri thala nadikalanu…vaali, villan,varalaru,citizen,dheena,billa,mangatha ithelam unga kanakula varatha..engaluku oru adi adichavudaney concrete structure udaiyara mathiri (vettaikaran vijay) thala nadicha pisikathu..nadikavum mataru

  4. Thala Fan Number One says

    This joker has too much “Head-weight”. No wonder he has collosal flops as Pachakili Muthucharam, Nadunisi Naaygal, Ekk Deewana Tha-VTV Hindi remake.

    Despite how much talented or great Gautham’s films may be, he completly fails to deliver any Class or Mass films lately. Except Vetaiyadu Vilayadu (2006), for the past 6 years, Gautham’s films were pathetic.

    He’s in no league to even talk abt Thala Ajith. Our Thala has given various Class (Billa 2007) as well as Mass (Mankatha) films.

    Just wait for Thala/Vishnuvardhan Untitled Film & Siruthai Siva’s Film next year.

    Ivan ellam oru allu, avanukke oru interview

  5. nimalan says

    gautham didnt critizised from bottom of his heard thala, becoz he was disappointed he knows the reason, also well said about thala.

  6. flowermilk says

    dai gwm enga thala nadicha padatha ni pakkalaya . 2varusam munnadi enaku ajith Thevaillainu sonna Ennaiku thala antha correctar intha correctar Pannamatturar enda Solura ni solurathu ellam palasu Puthusa ethavathu iruntha Sollu aana other moviesa copy adichu Solatha enga thala Puthusathan nadipar.

  7. Menaka Baskaran says

    I find GVM’s comments about Thala very ironic…isn’t this the guy who famously asked “Who is Thala” during a Behindwoods function to promote his movie VTV? You should see the clip on You TUbe and the nasty comments that follow it. During a press interview when asked why Ajith had opted out of GVM’s movie, GVM’s reply was not very gracious.. in fact he implied that Ajith was one who did not keep his word and had other interests (Ajith had opted out to do Mangkatha).

    A year later when Ajith was asked why his film with GVM did not work out, he very graciously answered that sometimes the timing is not right and two people cannot get together but that does not mean we will never work together.

    Something strange is happening — did all you Thala fans notice it? I am guessing not. Suddenly, there is a mushrooming of directors — KV Anand, Murugadass now GVM — all of whom are not doing movies with Ajith but all of whom seem to have comments on Ajith. Most of the comments are of course positive. What are they trying to do here? Portray themselves as fans of Ajith in the hopes of getting Ajith fans to support their movies? If this is so, then this is an indirect nod to the power and passion of Ajith’s fan base…and to think all this power comes from a star who has disbanded his fan clubs and does not do aggressive self promotion among his fans. Imagine if Ajith did one fifth of the kind of promotion that Vijay does among his fans? The people will probably build a temple for Ajith! But our Ajith needs no temple — every fan of his has Ajith as the temple in his and her heart…

  8. says

    Correctly said menaka ji.if thala do lik other heroes(to walk out freely for any function),then no one can predict the crowd tat wil approach that function(only for our thala).am really delighted to see the fans base for our thala.EVERYONE OF THALA FAN IS A DIE HARD FAN OF HIM.this is not suitable for any other hero in tamil industry except for thala…..THALA IS the REAL LIFE HERO….

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