Ajith Comforts Krish

Singer Krish

Ajith has always been known to be very caring about those he values.

Singer Krish (June Ponal from Unnale Unnale fame), recently had an adventurous encounter in Malaysia. The aircraft that he was travelling in had to make a sudden emergency landing in Penang, Malaysia.

After the incident, it looks like only two people from the industry called about to enquire about the incident.

Director Venkat Prabhu messaged him, and Ajith took the effort to find his Malaysian number and called him.

Krish calls them his trustworthy friends and was touched at hearing Ajith’s voice.

Source: Times of India (Dated: 19-9-2012)

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  1. komjay says

    We shout and no wants to hear us.
    Siva should be changed as bad script cannot be reworked.
    Yuvan should be changed as his music becomes stale.

    Reworked screenplay for Ajith in November
    Sep 19, 2012
    Home > More news

    Ajith’s 53rd movie is slated to be directed Siva who did that masala entertainer Siruthai, with Karthi and Tamannah. Vijaya Productions will bankroll this venture which would have Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music.

    Ajith had asked Siva to rework on the screenplay a bit and the latter has done so as expected. With this refurbished screenplay, the shoot of this movie is expected to kick off in November.

    This is provided Ajith completes his current Vishnuvardhan’s project by October. The shoot of this flick is going on smoothly and Vishnuvardhan being a good planner, we can expect the shoot to be completed at the said time. So, will November see the 53rd film’s launch? Watch this space for more.

    • says

      Hi Komjay,

      E Due u think ur great and intelligent than our thala? Always u comment bad on our thala,may i know the reason? U know everything means u go and direct our thala, our thala will give chance to u to direct him if he finds d talent with u,then for all thala fans komjay will be just a new director and everyone will discourage u komjay , but our thala will value u and ur talent,thats y s.j.suriya,a.r,muragadoss, a.l.vijay,director durai and so on…think before u talk komjay.

      • komjay says

        Ajith is a great actor and a fantastic person.

        His choice of directors has been the most distraction for him
        and fans.

        Take movies like Jana, Alwar, Asal and Billa 2 where directors
        did not bother about the movies they made for Thala.

        Who suffered the most Thala’s Fans.

        Therefore Siruthai Siva did not do such a great job but somehow
        it clicked. I have a feeling that he will do Ajith another bomb.

        I am only proposing lead directors like Rajamouli, Murugodas,
        shankar, Ravi Kumar. Vijay has recently got good directors
        to direct him shankar, Murugodas and Vijay.

        I have nothing against Yuvan but need to change to another
        music director AR so that the music is fresh as most of the time
        Ajith movies lacks good songs.

        Thala has made mistakes in the past movies like mentioned.

        He has made great movies with great directors like SJ Suriya,
        Ravikumar, and Vishnu not forgetting Murugodas for Dheena.

        So am I fan of Ajith ? Why don’t you reply for me, Phillip.

  2. komjay says

    Hi Phillip,

    I have replied you but your comments are valid.

    I am sure I am going to enjoy the next Thala’s movie.

    Just a thought if only Vishnu had handled Billa 2 maybe it
    would turned to be a very different and rather good movie.
    Just a wish.

  3. says

    Hi Komjay,

    Hi komjay,how ru? Sorry past 2 days i was not online,so could not reply to u.

    U mentioned that s.j.suriya,a.r.murugadoss ,ravi kumar,a.l.vijay and shankar with these directors our thala should do movies.my question is all these directors are new comers once?and our thala showed the talents of directors by give them a chance,so only i am saying dont underestimate siruttai director.after doing movie with our thala every one will tell that the director is good and our thala should do many movies with him and u will add director name in d list.

    Y should yuwan be replaced ? When other actors only do movies with reputed directors frequently?like suriya and vikram etc…our thala is a person who gives chance to all and others are trying to put our thala down ,so only his songs are not clicked even after the song is superb ,this problem is from producers,not with our thala and yuwan.

    Pls tell me what was not there with billa 2? I accept that story was not that strong but making , stunts and photography etc was superb.so pls dont say bad on billa 2.

  4. lofty says

    Dear Komjay…
    I really agree on what you said.. If this message goes to Ajith’s Consideration it will be good. Better to go for another Music director. Because we feel bored on Yuwan’s Music now. Better Ajith combine with Harris.

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