Why Ajith has Dismantle his Fan Clubs ? – Kumudam Arasu Answers

Source: Kumudam (Dated: 13-9-2012)

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  1. Krishna Kumar S says:

    Well said Arasu, thala is true gentleman


  2. He is a Original Hero for ever after M.G.R

  3. Menaka Baskaran says:

    As usual there is no translation for all those poor people who cannot read Tamil. So for them here is a rough translation of the above question and answer.

    Q: Why doesn’t Ajith like his fan clubs? (Translator’s note: This is in reference to the shocking move by Ajith to disband all his fan clubs — something no other South Indian film star has ever done)

    A: He does not like to use his fans guilability for financial gain. (TN: Which is not really the main reason. Ajith was more concerned that his fans were spending time on hero worshipping him than doing important things like looking after their families and studying hard for a better future. As someone who dropped out after Stabdard 10, Ajith knows the value of education as he suffered quite a bit for the lack of education. He does not want his fans to do the same mistake as he had done. Thala — a true gentleman…..What greater love can a star show his fans than to disband the very thing that other stars use to drive their popularity and their political goals. Proud to be a Ajith fan!)

  4. SATHISH KUMAR.S says:

    Y tala y we all people of ajith fans have bond with fans club only don’t cancel

  5. self made person.real hero in life also

  6. Thala really great.

  7. Palanisamy Raja says:

    Dear Arasu you said really true because he is real hero………

  8. Palanisamy Raja says:

    thala pola varuma?

  9. Even though thala has dismantled his fan club ,the love we have on him and our anxiety wen thala movie releases will not be affected.we love u thala

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