When Billa got into action!

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The stunt specialists, who worked on the Ajith-starrer, reveal to CT that all the sequences in the film are ‘real’ ones…

Actor Ajith’s forthcoming flick, Billa II, produced by In Entertainment and directed by Chakri Toleti, is touted to be an action entertainer. The film reportedly boasts of several stunt sequences that will not only be mind-blowing, but also take action sequences in Tamil films to a new level altogether. With three top stunt choreographers, two from abroad and one from Kollywood, working on these scenes, it looks like the audience will have a lot to look forward to.

Kecha Khamphakdee, who part-choreographed the climax sequences along with award-winning stuntman Stefan Richter, says, “What makes these fight scenes in the film so special is the fact that they were performed by amazing talents. It’s impossible to get the right impact during action scenes if the actors are not good. In Billa II, everyone was fantastic to say the lead. While Ajith’s moves are sharp and powerful, Vidyut’s skills in martial arts and acrobatics proved handy.”

He adds, “We had to strive hard while filming in Georgia. The weather was extremely cold and we were faced with snowstorms while we were almost through our schedule. Our muscles had become stiff from the cold and jumping and kicking were almost impossible tasks to perform. But Ajith and Vidyut totally pulled it off.”

K Rajasekhar, who choreographed the action sequences in Hyderabad and Goa, tells us that one of the highlights of these stunt sequences would be the way it has been conceived. He adds, “Usually, when a man punches another for films, we sync the sound even before his hand touches the other’s cheek. But in Billa II, every kick, every punch and every slap is real. Be it the cycle-chasing scene or a street fight, the artists really fought each other. Of course, we were careful that no one got hurt. And the fact that the actors, including Ajith, didn’t mind going all out to get it right, helped us.”

Source: Times of India (Dated: 29-6-2012)

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