Billa 2 trailer scheduled to launch on 2nd July – Parvathy Omanakuttan

Parvathy Omanakuttan on a Ramp Walk

The Screenshot of her Twitter Page

On my way back to Mumbai but will be back in Chennai on 2nd for the Trailer launch and the rest of the crew will also be there! Looking forward!

– Actress Parvathy Omanakuttan

So the trailer is scheduled to launch on 2nd July. Get ready guys !!!

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  1. says

    Hi All,

    I have a question to the producers of billa 2 ,y still trailer is not released?and if the trailer is released on 2 of next month and the movie is released on 13 then only 10 days is sufficient of marketing?its really frustration for all thala fans and even other fans also bec all fans are waiting 4 the movie but d producers keep on postponding the movie and now it is mentioned 13 will this be final date or still extending!its all left to d producers.

    • rajesh says

      Rightly said Philip..

      For Saguni the trailer was released long time back and the producers nearly spent 12 crores for marketing which began 1 month before the release of movie…We all understand that there was lot of issues in getting the film censored but still the production team is taking their own sweet time in marketting.
      Also remember guys, too much of hype is not good for the film and this much delay has created so much hype on the film…as a fan iam keeping my fingers crossed.!!

  2. benny says

    As Thala Saya A good Quailty Film Does Not Need a Promotion
    But The Delay The Trailer has Been postponding From Long Back
    Too Much high of the movie …. is not that good my gut felling says/………… waiting for the trailer plz keep ur words benny

  3. Gowtham says

    @ rajesh and phillip
    Hello friends,
    For a mass hero like Ajith 10 days of marketing is more than good enough…I feel the marketing is only required for outsiders(AP,KA)..b’cause they don’t regularly follow tamil movies…In T.N no need of a single ad for our THALA movies…still a MASS opening…:):)

    • says

      Hi Gautham,

      I also understand that our thala doesnt required marketing for his movies,not only in AP .KAR EVEN FOREIGN COUNTRIES ALSO bec thala said that a good movie is speaks a lot by itself and there is no need of publicity and marketing.I am just asking a common question that ASSAR MOVIES IS JUST GIVING 10 DAYS PUBLICITY AND THE SAME PRODUCTION HOUSE PROVIDES 1 MONTH OR 15 TO 20 DAYS PUBLICITY FOR OTHER ACTORS,then y is our thala is not give importance,better a small production house release the movie of our thala with publicity and let the producer make money and be happy instead of ASSAR PRODUCTION. Just see last movie was vijay’s movie velayudam marketing and also just see up coming movie of vikram I directed by shankar.pls underst all that S.S Chackravathi of NIC ARTS PRODUCED MORE THAN 9 MOVIES CONTINOUSLY ALL OF OUR THALA MOVIE FROM VAALI TO GODFATHER AND THERE WAS NO HIGH LEVEL MARKETING AND MEDIUM BUDGET MOVIES ONLY but the producer made very good money and lots of award etc .sorry if am wrong and i am sorry for all the producers mentioned above.Thala rocks and thala fans also rocks.

  4. kathir says


    no need to marketing our thala film……he is a hardworker..he will give 100 % dedication on his work….thala na mass… we r not just his movie fans …..we are the real followers of his gud things……..
    we love him more than his movies…his screen presence make us happy….thts enough….

    As u people see in that trailer that his experssions and dialouges tht itself shows how the movie came out…..its going to be a real fun….once again he will prove kolloywood king of opening …..
    As a fan am waiting for the film …
    we should make it as biggest opening in the kolloywood industry……
    We create Histroy…..

    BILLLA……..PAST Is nothing…..Present going to create HISTORY…..

  5. says

    Why you people not yet released the movie on time…..Did you people want more attention to the film in is not necessary thala always rocks..Please guys release the film as soon as possible

  6. saravanan says

    Mankatha just 5 days before release promotion started only in suntv got bumper opening but for BILLA 2 10 days before release promotion will start in all channels… so BILLA 2 will rock

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