New Billa 2 Trailer Censored today – Run time of nearly 3mins

Herewith is the new trailer Censor Certificate of Billa2 with the runtime of 2.48 mins.

The trailer is expected to be launched on Saturday by IN Entertainment in Youtube.

Stay tuned for further updates about Billa 2.

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  1. vivek says

    Again and Again they postponing the movie its really irritating us… plz make official announcement soon Mr Ravichandran . Dont Give important For The Amazing Spider Man

  2. rajesh.b says

    pls producer film release pannung illa vittutunga next visnuvarthan film pathukiran sir… trailer illa release date illa enna neenga pantiringa producer … enga thala padathukune varuvingalaya pongaya ….nalla vanthu vaikiranunga ………….

  3. Ram says

    Sorry to say this as billa will not release now. Just checked.with my friend working.under ascar ravi as they said it will.come only for diwali… Moreovet distributors and theatre owners dont want to remove they wont get maatraan in their theatre…. Very sad to share as we will not see billa as even if they release billa on june 6 tbey will.remove on all the theatres as they want to release viswaroopam..

  4. thala fan from perambur says

    Hello Everybody………

    ippove avan avan saguni ku bayanthu billa date postponed pannitanga nu solluranga……. saguni movie is worst movie……
    Thala movie release pannalanaalum antha movie ku maximum 2 or 3 week time thaan iruku….. athuku aparam theatre la oru E , KAAKAA va kuda parka mudiyathu……

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