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Well this post is not about your fav football club .Mankatha Unlimited has been referred as MAN.utd. The whole movie was like watching the recent MAN.utd vs arsenal match. From my previous posts itself you would have known that i am one among the diehard fans who is waiting for the 50th film of thala Ajith.

Continue reading the next paras if you have watched the film. If you haven’t then skip directly to the last para.

The movie has lived upto all the hypes given. Since the shooting of the film commenced the cast and crew of the film managed to update stuffs about the film in social networking sites and kept the expectation higher.And even it hasn’t been promoted by the marketing giants of the tinsel town,the film would have got the same bumper opening box-office collection due to the healthy promotions of the cast and crew of the chennai-28 director.Having done only 3 films and to direct the landmark 50th film of a mass hero is really a risky job.Even though the hero and the director had lukeworm response for their previous ventures aasal and goa ,this film is really a banging re-entry for both ajith and venkat prabhu.


nothing is new.It is just a blend of films like thiruda thiruda and aaranya kaandam and ko in parts.


This is where the director has justified the film’s tagline A VENKAT PRABHU GAME.

The screenplay keeps us guessing till the end and most of the time our guess goes wrong.A brilliant screenplay is one which makes the audience keeps thinking whats next?? even the songs are placed in unusual situations.

The way the twists unfold and the narration style are superb. The chess block before interval was awesome.The usage of green blood to avoid gore is a creative idea.The picturisation of nee-nan and vada binlaeda songs are super cool.The csk celebration by prem and mahat was cool.Thala’s biking scene and the chasing in the second halfs are really stunning.The climax twist is the biggest highlight of all.


There are lot of fun and punches in dialogues. They are catchy.


It keeps us engaged to the film .Music by yuvan is rocking. Re-recording maintained the tempo of the film throughout.the usage of ilayaraja songs and the violin bit in action sequence is brilliant. Sakthi saravanan’s lens has captured everything for a perfect action film.Editing by Praveen and shrikanth is freaky cool.


It is nice to see the action king ARJUN back in action. His presence is one of the biggest plus of the film.

PREM JI and vaibhav are far better than their previous films. ASHWIN is good in his debut film whereas MAHATH should work more.JP has made a cakewalk asusual.As mankatha being a boyish film girls have got only little space on screen. Trisha,andrea,anjali and lakshmi rai add glam to the thala film.

Though there are a bunch of actors in this film but thala AJITH dominates everyone with his mind-blowing performance. The way he emotes,delivers dialogues,stunts and dance .For an actor to act with the salt and pepper look hairdo in his 50th film is a great job. Ajith fans finally saw their hero the way they were longing to see. The director and producer being diehard fans of ajith might be the reason.

I had a very big doubt after watching the film “thala ultimate star ah ? illa super star ah??”

This is the second biggest opening tamil cinema is experiencing after RAJNI KANTH’S ENDHIRAN.Even after the actor dissolved his fan clubs the collection of the film has breaked some of the previous blockbusters. If he hasn’t dissolved the fan clubs the members would have doubled post-mankatha.If you are an AJITH fan then definitely its time for you to celebrate.Here is a one-line review for non-ajith fans :”vijay fans liked the film very much .A review from my friend sidharth.balaji who is a vijay fan :”

Dear Ajith Kumar,

With Venkat Prabhu excelling with his brilliant screenplay, his cousin yuvan with mind blowing background scores and songs and yourself living through the character of Vinayak Mahadevan, Mankatha shall remain matchless for many more years!

This movie made me understand the real meaning of the word “Ultimate” and the reason for calling you so.

Yours truly,

…A fan of Tamil cinema.

Mankatha da! \m/

what else could be a better review. With all the things including the 31-8-11 (31+8+11=50) having worked out highly positively ,it is no doubt that ajith is going to hit the bulls eye after a long time .Kudos to venkat prabhu and team for making thala’s landmark film as a benchmark for mass films!!
thala …thala…thala…mankatha da!!!

P.S: even MARK ZUKERBERG cant stop the overflowing reviews of mankatha by fans in facebook.


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  1. says

    அஜீத். இதற்கு முன் முன்னெப்போதும் பார்த்திராத ஒரு அசத்தல் தோற்றம் இந்தப் படத்தில். எதிர்மறை நாயகன் வேடம் என்றாலே பலவித நடிப்பையும் பரீட்சித்துப் பார்க்கும் ஒரு சுதந்திரமும் தைரியமும் வந்துவிடுகிறது போலும். நடிப்பில் ரசிகர்களுக்கு நல்ல விருந்தே படைத்துவிடுகிறார் அஜீத். சண்டை, நடனம், ரொமான்ஸ் என கிடைத்த இடைவெளிகளிலெல்லாம் பவுண்டரி, சிக்ஸர் என வெளுத்திருக்கிறார் அஜீத்.

  2. vijay says

    dame!!! i was finaly in the theater at 6 pm… this was the thing we expect fro our thala… kadaisiya 6 varsam kalichu nan sandosam thala nihiraru da nu feel paney… i feel proud… onumey vendam interval block, climax, andreya scene, are real treat sure hit!!! for me mankatha is too good than billa… konjam over akting pola irunthathu avlothan konjondu kami panirukalam otherwise chance’ye illa…. billa kuda ena ivlo impress panalla sure hit thank u thala

  3. thala says

    its a good film ajith…but u should not do this as 50th film…because ur fans will follow every act of urs… in 50th film ur act on money,bad words,etc… will also be followed by ur fans…ur fans are so crazy about u…so u should do the film which should rectify ur fans mistake..IN THIS FILM the name of “police” become insulted…act for people ajith

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