Billa 2 finally gets cracking – Deccan Chronicle

It’s happening at last. Ajith is busy shooting in Hyderabad for Billa 2, which finally kicked off at Ramoji Film city in Hyderabad after delays and star cast reshuffles. Shooting will continue in full swing at Hyderabad till next month.

Sources from the unit report that director Chakri Toleti is pouring in energy and effort to infuse originality into every frame -he wants the film to be unique.

Reportedly Billa 2 has been shot in high-tech mode with the famous `Red’ camera. The cine matographer spent some time abroad to familiarise himself with the new technology. (The same technique was used to shoot the slick Bollywood film Shaitaan.) Like most Ajith films, Billa 2 has a lot riding on it. Ajith had planned earlier to take a break with his family after Mankatha.

But the ultimate star couldn’t contain his eagerness to start shooting for Billa 2.

After the Hyderabad schedule, the crew is planning to fly to Europe and shoot there.


Source: Deccan Chronicle (Dated: 26-7-2011)

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  1. ajiTH vasanTH says

    THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BILLAAAAAAAAAAjith2 will become unbeatable ULTIMATE SUPER***************************************************

  2. Ezhil says

    We want billa 2 soon thala…… Please dont delay…… Also thala i want to see u with challenging dance movements… You are good dancer because operations in ur body u was unable to do fast dance movements. Thalapola varuma……

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