Fans see Ajith as Jaya’s supporter

Sharadha Narayanan

CHENNAI: Known to be vociferous opponents of each other, fans of film icons Vijay and Ajith now seem to be united in their voting decision this Assembly elections: to support the AIADMK. While Vijay’s fans have swung into action after the actor took the political plunge and asked his fans to vote for the AIADMK, fans of the Ultimate Star inferred that their hero was a Jayalalithaa sympathiser and now they hope to vote her to victory.

Despite maintaining a neutral political profile in public, Ajith, his fans believe, is a silent supporter of the AIADMK chief. The no-nonsense Ultimate Star prostrating at her feet in September 2010 when they met at a wedding, and Ajith’s fierce opposition to political interference in the film industry are seen as the primary reasons that make him an AIADMK supporter.

Though the actor has maintained stoic silence over his voting preferences and has asked fans to vote for a party of their choice, many among the actor’s loyal fan base, extending to more than 60,000 fan clubs in the state, are said to be contemplating to vote for the ‘Two Leaves’ symbol.

‘’Fans and office-bearers of Ajith fan clubs in Thiruvallur have been asking me about ‘Thalai’s political stance ever since the election was announced. We tell them that the hero has asked them to vote for the party they want, but they ask whom he prefers because they want to vote for the party their hero does. I think Ajith is an AIADMK supporter, with an additional rationale for this being the CM’s family’s pervasive presence in the film industry,” says Sachin Mani, Thiruvallur district president of Ajith’s fan club. There are over 1,300 Ajith fan clubs in that district alone. This has made most other fans wanting to vote for the AIADMK alliance, he adds.

Purasai Saravanan, president of Central Madras Ajith fan club, says fans are eager to know about whom their leader would vote for. ‘’We were hoping that he would speak to us about the elections in the State. But we were informed that he had asked fans not to use even his film stills or images for any election purpose. Yet, fans who have been following him for long, think he is an AIADMK supporter.’’

Praveen, a content writer for the actor’s online portal, reiterates that it’s known that Ajith has hailed Jayalalithaa in interviews earlier, and this can be an important factor affecting his fans’ voting decisions.

What has piqued the curiousity of fans about Ajith’s political standing this elections is, interestingly, an a political argument the actor put forth last year. In February 2010, at an event organised by the film industry to honour the Chief Minister, the actor urged the CM to issue a statement asking the film fraternity not to get involved in politically-sensitive issues. He also complained of being forced to attend such events by seniors in the industry. Ajith stuck rigidly to his stance, despite all heads of the Tamil film industry demanding an unconditional apology from him.

Source: The New Indian Express (Dated: 8-4-2011)

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